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The Advantages and Disadvantages of the World Becoming Smaller

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of the World Becoming Smaller

Thanks to the development of science and technology, the distance
between countries seems to be narrowed. We can communicate or
cooperate with people everywhere. That's why people say the world is
becoming smaller. This tendency brings us more good chances for making
relationships and business, yet, it also causes some drawbacks like
losing traditions or unsteady economic condition.

In the past, it was impossible for a man living in Vietnam to keep
contact with his relatives in America. But nowadays, with computers
and telephones, we can not only talk with others but also see their
lively images through any distance. Besides, we can also make friends
with people from different places on this earth if we are interested
in. By car, train or plane... we can travel around and discover all
the remote corners of this globe, which helps enrich our knowledge
about countries and people all over the world each day and the
relationship between humanbeings become closer than ever.

To businessmen, this tendency brings them alots of benefits. First of
all, they can spread their market, in other words, they will have more
customers, which means they can get more money. Second, they can use
cheaper labour source and meterials in less developed countries to
reduce the manufacturing cost. Third, because of different frequencies
and tastes of people, they will have a wide choice in business
aspects. It can be said that businessmen is the group getting most
advantages from " the world becomes smaller".

However, " global village " also gives us some disadvantages. In the
process of globalization, the cultures have interfered with one
another. Although some countries can collect more good customs, some
are losing their tradition. Tradition is one important part of a
nation, which are conceptions, habbits and noble values maintained for
thousands of years. So when they lose traditions, they lose themselves
and become other peoples.

Another bad point is that joining to "the global village", countries
have to apply open trade policy,which causes some difficulties to
developing countries. As the economy of these countries is still weak,
their companies can not affort to compete with foreign ones with
modern technology and much experience. This leads to the bankrupcy of
many mills and the unemployment condition, which will be a burden for
both the governments and the entire poupulation.

Even having some disadvantages, globalization is an essental

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