Minority Culture

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Minority Culture

These days there are a lot of people from different cultures living in
the same community in areas all around England. In some cases there is
a larger group of people from one culture than the people from other
cultures. This leads to the expression 'Minority Culture', which
basically means a culture of which there is a minority. In this essay
I will be talking about the problems faced by minority cultures in
being an integral part of society.

Minority cultures are faced with many difficulties in becoming an
integral part of society. Some of the main difficulties faced by
minority cultures are racism, stereotypes, customs and traditions,
clashes of loyalty and discrimination.


In a lot of places, you get people who are prejudice against minority
people because of their race or colour. It is human nature that we
fear things that we are not familiar with, so we want to get rid of
it. When people see a person who is different in colour they tend to
think that they are superior to them so they want those people to
leave. In the media industry, instead of helping to break down the
barriers, they put the barriers higher up. Racism can be found
anywhere, ranging from the streets to places of work in well-known
businesses; for example, racial discrimination in the workplace is
identified in three main ways:

* Direct discrimination

When a person is treated less favourably than others on the grounds of

* Indirect discrimination

When members of one racial group find it more difficult to comply with
a work requirement than members of other groups.

Uniforms that take no account of cultural or religious needs would
fall into this category.

* Victimisation

When a person is treated less favourably than others because they have
complained of racial abuse, and are then passed over for promotion.

Despite the law, complaints of racism in the workplace are still made.

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In the London boroughs of Hackney and Lambeth alone, a total of
£818,000 was awarded to people last year at industrial tribunal race


Stereotypes are when people tend to judge everyone from the same
culture or race, just because they have an experience with some people
from that group. The definition of stereotype is a set of ideas based
on distortion, exaggeration, and oversimplification that is applied to
all members of a social category. An example of this is if someone
sees an Asian person stealing something, they might have a view that
all Asian people are thieves. Stereotypes are also in the media
industry, which influence a lot of people, e.g. Asian people are
illiterate and take up most of the jobs. This influences groups like
the BNP to protest against non- British people.

Customs and traditions:

Custom and tradition is one of the most important aspects in any
culture for people as it shows and represents who they are, but you
get people who don't understand customs or traditions of other
cultures apart from their own, they just see a bunch of people singing
or dancing. However, what they don't understand is that these
traditions are a way of bring people closer together e.g. Hindu's
celebrate Diwali and Muslims celebrate Eid. These celebrations are
traditions, which make people happy and make them enjoy themselves.

Clashes of loyalty:

At times there is a clash of loyalty, these clashes are which decides
what people will choose in their loyalty, e.g. if a person has a
British nationality, but their ethnic background is Bangladeshi, so if
the two countries play against each other in a sport, what team should
the person support?


Another difficulty faced by minority cultures is discrimination. The
people from the minority are often treated differently because of the
way they look, dress or their skin colour. Examples of discrimination
is when someone is working for a company where they are of a cultural
minority, their manager might not give them a promotion, but instead
give it to another person who is from the majority culture, even
though the person from the minority culture is better at the job.

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