Life Skills Classes Proposal

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Life Skills Classes Proposal


Recognized by the National Association of Elementary School Principals, the American Association of School Administrators, the National School Boards Association, and the states of New York and California, among others. CDP scientifically demonstrates that nurturing a student's intrinsic desire to learn, cultivating supportive relationships, and promoting the child's sense of common purpose and commitment to prosocial values are effective. It is a multifaceted school-change program that involves elementary school students of all grade levels, the students' families, teachers, and school administrators. CDP can be implemented in virtually any rural, suburban, or urban school.


1. Decreased substance use (alcohol use fell 11%; marijuana use fell 2%; tobacco use fell 8%).
2. Increased liking for school, enjoyment of class, and motivation to learn.
3. Greater skill at resolving conflicts and an increased sense of social competence.
4. Greater concern for others and more frequent altruistic behavior.
5. Strengthens children's sense of community and commitment to democratic values.


Teacher Training
Youth Coping/Life Skills
Training of Providers
Bonding to School
School/Home Relationship Building
Youth Decision-Making Skills
Community Service


Building warm, stable, supportive relationships among all members of the school community;
Attending to the intellectual, social, and ethical dimensions of learning in an integrated manner;
Teaching in ways that promote students' understanding and make learning meaningful for them; and
Honoring and fostering students' intrinsic motivation to learn.


Foster cross-age/cross-grade relationships.
Promote parental involvement in their child's learning.
Build connections between school and the families it serves.
Introduce a values-rich, literature-based reading program.
Multiple cooperative learning activities that can be used across the curriculum.
A "teaching" approach to classroom management that helps students take responsibility for establishing classroom norms and for managing their own behavior.


A 2-day training-of-trainers institute for school and district office teams conducted by trained faculty.
Print and video "collegial study packages" containing materials that guide the school's staff through a collaborative approach to learning about each component of CDP.


At Home in Our Schools, book, 1 per teacher
That's My Buddy, book, 1 per teacher
Homeside Activities, book, 1 per teacher
The only ongoing costs are for replacement books for new teachers and any needed follow up staff development.

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1. Schoolwide activities-about the same amount of time as typical activities such as science fairs and parent nights.
2. Cross-age Buddies activities-approximately 1 hour of class time per week or per month, depending on how often teachers choose to schedule these activities. Teachers will need an additional 15 to 30 mins. to prepare for each activity.
3. Homeside Parental Involvement activities-done at home or twice a month. These require about 15 mins. of class time to introduce to students and 20 to 40 mins. to share in class afterwards.

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