Benefits and Costs of a Multilingual Society

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Benefits and Costs of a Multilingual Society

In the United States today there is a controversy over whether the United States benefits from, or is hurt by a multilingual society. One of the essential qualities of the United States is our diversity in culture. This quality alone is the basis of the migration into the US (United States). Although the idea of having a multilingual society follows the denotation of the quintessence of the US, it would be a perplexing deed to go through such a drastic change. Such as things as which language the government would be run in, and official document be written in, and even minute things such as street signs etc…
To go through a drastic change such as to change a whole society from speaking English, to having multiple languages which are being spoken and used, would cause great grief. The difficulty in is that society might not accept it. As we see it, a simple task as electing our president has turned into a strenuous ordeal. By bringing another conflict into our society, it would damage our integrity and other nations would not see us as the super power we are.
An infamous quote used today says "Divide and Conquer". Once we begin to divide our nation into one that has for example an English sect, and a Spanish sect, we would be bringing about our downfall. Our united nation is not perfect. We have our discrepancies about many issues. Bringing about another language, or even multiple languages into our society would reinforce the differences and discrepancies that already exist.
In an essay written by William Henry III, he refers to the US as not a "melting pot", but as a "salad bowl". What he means by this phrase is that we are a diverse nation, but in our diversity, everyone has his or her own culture to preserve. This might be good for the individual, but not for the nation. We need to function as one country whole and not be separated by a mere language barrier. When we are separated, we no longer exist.
Supporters of this multilingual society have some arguments that are viable. Some supporters feel that having this type of society would preserve one's culture. Although true, one can preserve his or her culture whether or not the WHOLE nation agrees to speak his or her language.

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The law would not be that you are not able to speak the language of your choice anywhere. This can still be done. But just to have that amended into what our forefathers put together as the binding law of our nation is a virtual destruction of the US as a Nation.
In conclusion, the US would definitely not benefit from a multilingual society. All that a multilingual society would do is tear apart our nation, and reinforce our differences.

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