Corruption in the Workplace

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Corruption in the Workplace

Corruption in the workplace is a tremendous problem in today’s society. It can affect

everyone from managers to clerks. It occurs in many forms, some much more common than

others. Corruption can be found everywhere from the Government to McDonalds, and in

every country of the world.

Greg Abrams, an employee of ASI Services of south Tampa provided great insight

into the problem. He feels corruption in the workplace definitely occurs. Greg often sees

signs of nepotism, unequal application of rules, failure to properly inform employees when a

difference in pay occurs in contracted employees, failure to establish a sense of mutual

loyalty, and many forms of favoritism. “The employee feels no loyalty towards the company

and the company feels no loyalty towards its employees”, says Greg. He feels it prevents

upward mobility of people with higher qualifications and promotes those who don’t. “It

generally breeds a bit of descent,” said Greg. He believes that outside of the legal arena, it is

doubtful the problem will ever be solved. “Your talking about human nature, its unlikely

people will modify their habits willingly,” Greg stated.

Steve Brown, an employee of Verizon believes that corruption does occur, but

mostly in large companies. He has seen such extreme signs such as stealing, and even a

manager and employee conducting drug deals. He feels corruption can greatly affect

productivity. “When it occurs in management, people become unreliable. They tend to not

show up on time for their shift, and teamwork becomes increasingly difficult,” says Steve.

He thinks that when corruption does occur it is hard to resolve, but he believes better pre-

employment screening would lessen the problem greatly.

As far back as jobs have existed corruption has occurred. The most common forms

are favoritism and selective enforcement of the rules. Corruption can also cause tension

among employees and can greatly reduce the effectiveness of teamwork. It affects one’s pay,

promotions, and overall feeling of loyalty towards their employer. While not an easy

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problem to solve by any means, it is, however, one that can be reduced. Certain pre-

employment screening, can reduce the number of people hired with the tendencies to be

corrupt. Also, if a clear-cut complaint system is implemented it can allow employees to vent

their frustration in a none aggressive way.

Corruption is a problem that occurs in nearly every workplace. Although there are

ways of helping this problem, it is unfortunately unlikely a problem that will ever be solved.

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