Women's Perception of their Value in the Workplace

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Women's Perception of their Value in the Workplace

As the globalization culture spread out and covers the whole world. It almost changed the whole culture of the working environment all over the world.
A few decades ago the number of working women was very few and they were reluctant to work outside the house. People also used to think that the appropriate position of the women is inside the house, but now the trend is changing .All the countries and nations are now realizing the importance of working women in their economy. It has been also observed that different nations are trying to develop awareness about the importance of working women. But the questions arise that the working women are satisfied with their jobs or not? Are the working women is given by all the rights which they deserve? Is all the opportunities are available to a working women? And what are their perceptions about their value in the work place? The answers of these questions are very disappointing. A research study shows that the number of women in managerial position has been increasing in recent years all over the world. But statistics reveal that these opportunities are quite limited and similar to the U.S "glass ceiling" exists. In 1981 a research study found that the number of woman employees had grown to 40 percent of the work force in the large firms (Hodgetts&Luthans 483). But disappointing fact is that only 0.5 percent of the total woman work force is in management group. These facts clearly show the limited opportunities for the working woman and violation of equal employment opportunity laws.
There are other number of reasons for the disappointments and dissatisfaction among the working woman at their work place. These reasons are also effecting their work performance too. One is that they often are excluded from transfer to branch offices or post far away form their homes. As a result they are unable to acquire range of experience needed for promotion to upper level management position.
The another reason of the woman job dissatisfaction is lack of security. An increasing number of working woman in the developed countries feels they are victims of sexual harassment. Particularly in U.S.A and Japan this problem is very common.

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A research study shows that 43 percent of all women working in managerial position have complained of sexual harassment(Hodgetts&Luthans 482).
These disappointing facts are badly effecting the working women's perception of their value at their work place, they feel that they are unsecured in the man's dominating society and they also do have less employment opportunities than man does.


Hodgetts&Luthans. International management Third edition (1997)

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