Male and Female Soldiers Should Take Basic Training Together

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Male and Female Soldiers Should Take Basic Training Together

The Untied States Armed Forces consist of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines; it has been in existence for many years. The first step of military life once someone joins is basic training. Just as the name implies, it is here where a recruit learns the first skills of being a warrior and how to fight battles. In the past, men and women did not train together during basic training. Some Americans argue that men and women should train together, while others feel that they should be separated. Men and women should be trained together during basic training because they become a cohesive unit, increase productiveness, and eliminate segregation.
Fist, training men and women together during basic training must exist so they become a cohesive unit. Basic training is where recruits first learn to depend on one another, in order to reach a common goal. Why put men and women together in a high stress situation for the first time when they have never worked together? For example, a good football team is not put together to go play games without first practicing. Likewise, our Armed Forces should "practice" together before stepping out on the battlefield.
In addition, men and women should train together during basic training because it increases productiveness. When men and women were joined together for the first time on the battlefield, it took some time for them to work together effectively. In contrast, by attending basic training together, they learn how each other do certain things and adapt to it; this increases productivity and decreases the time that it takes to complete a task. For instance, a quarterback on a football team learns a receiver's speed and technique, therefore completing more passes. Productivity is important in today's warfare because of all of the high-tech weapons.
Our Armed Forces need to train them together so that we can be more productive and win the battles with the least amount of casualties.
Most important, training together during basic training is necessary because it eliminates segregation. Civilian jobs and work environments were required to desegregate in the 1960's or face fines and penalties. In contrast, our military has been allowed to continue segregation between men and women. The United States is based on equality and equal rights; women are equally capable of training with men than without men.

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It is not Constitutional right to keep men and women separate during the most important part of training our military.
In summary, putting men and women together during basic training is important to United States safety. By training together from the start, they become a cohesive unit, increase productiveness, and it works to eliminate segregation. Gone are the days when women are only good for sewing uniforms and bandaging wounds. In the computer and technology age, women are just as capable as fighting the war as men are. Basic training establishes the foreground to make women and men "be all that they can be".

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