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The Influence Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Had on My Life

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The Influence Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Had on My Life

A book that has had a great influence both positive and negative at the same time is the Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet. The book showcases excellent moral representation of the time and period written, but the fight to differ from normal customs presented from the time has a positive influence on me to go make something of myself and let nothing get in my way to personal victory. Also the relations between the families show similarities to today's gangs. While reading I want to interpret and locate these similarities and differences.

The morals showcased in this classic play are those of the time it came about. The way the writer expressed these morals in an exciting yet historical style keeps the reader wanting to read more with out the common bore of plain history. I also believe the writer meant to bring out these morals and show the world his point of view through his writing but not causing a ruckus either. Just the way he pulled everything off with a perfection inspires me in a positive way to write something of such prestige and pull it off the way the writer did. Now the internal struggle presented in this book is such a way to show hidden emotion within a given a set words. In evaluation to the previous sentence I am saying that by looking at the set of words presented, one can look past them and see yet another story with in itself, maybe even showcasing some of the writers life in the given words. With that said I will go on and venture to say this may even have a negative effect on me. I say this because the lost lovers have such a will unlike any other it is inspirational to a pair to say forget the rules and live life with your heart.

Now the family structures in this story show a striking similarity to a structure of today's gangs. Appealing to my psychological I strive to see a comparison between the two and evaluate the differences and in a sense do a mini study. From what I have seen and read, I notice the structure wise similar. I see a leader in both controlling his "clan". Even though the "clans" are of different nature, the basic set up is the same. The lower class people give full respect and power over them to the high level members. But this discussion brings about a point of differential value. Although both have violence in them, the family "gang" does and will back off if necessary. Sadly to say the gangs of today aren't so willing to do so. In this society of today, we are taught to back off shows weakness, but if done right can and does show strength with a set of people. My last point of commonality is the lengths today's gangs go to as to the family gang. The family shows the strength with to try peace at first, which to me is a weapon. Now today gangs relate to lethal weapons alone. Violence is the last thing a gang needs but when given a problem all they do is resort to killing. This shows the shallowness of today's society.
In conclusion Shakespeare wrote this play and everything was written so perfect even in the 21st century can relate to it.

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