My American Dream

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The next generation is important. I want them to believe in the right things and stand up for what they believe in. I believe there are three main goals that should be fought for, for eternity. We need to pass this concept on and let it grow throughout their lives. I believe "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness" are extremely important. They are the basis of my American Dream.

I think we should pass on the goal of learning to live. Meaning, I want people to understand how important what it is to live in life. They should live their life to the fullest and take advantage of opportunities that will help them throughout their lives. I think education is a key role in living. People should get the best education they can provide for themselves. They should learn about our nation's history and about the future. I believe people should also have liberty and always take advantage of their rights as American citizens. They should believe it a blessing to have such wonderful rights and liberties. We have so many things to stand up for and fight for what we believe is right. People should not just sit back and let those chances drift away. I also believe the pursuit of happiness should be one of the master goals of each individual in this world. People should try out different ways of living to find out what is the best way for them. Whether it is who is in your life, like your family, friends, or special someone, or whether it is where you live. It might be your job that makes you happy. You have to find out for yourself and live up to that dream to the best of your ability. Don't let your dreams pass you by and slip away from you. You have the chances, the opportunities, and it is YOUR own life, live it the best way you know how, and don't let others influence your own decisions too much. It is your life and you owe it to yourself to make your one and only life your favorite.

I also believe the world needs to come together in unity to help rid the violence in the world. Hatred, racism, and differences are among the many traits that make up reasons for violence. Some individuals just don't get it.

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They don't realize what happens to others by judging them. They don't know enough to look beyond someone's outer make-up and understand what that person is really about. Some are brought up to act this way and it is not right. That is why we need to change so we can influence the next generations and help better the world we have. Why do we judge people? Why are people cruel enough to kill because of others' looks, the way they talk, or what god has chosen for them? We need to get the message across the communities and fight for individuality and equality. It kills me that equality has been fought for, for so long and is still not here. I see how wrong it is and I don't like discrimination. There are so many people in the world who understand how important it is to have equality and less hatred. Why can't we make a difference? We need to try harder and make an impact on more and more people to have unity.

These are just some of the ideas I have to what we can pass onto the next generation to help improve the world. These are my goals for the country and all across our planet. I know it is a hard thing to deal with and I know some people don't care enough to fight for it but I truly believe it is something worth fighting for. So lets get together and help out to make it a better place to live for the generations yet to come. My brother invented a very unique quote that I admire and believe is something to look at and see a way to be happy. He said, "Do what you fancy and fancy what you do." So please, fight for your rights, live your life, and be happy.

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