Steps of Abortion

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Steps of Abortion


(a) When a woman is expecting a baby then usually the couple thinks of
this as being good news. However, for some people 'pregnancy can be
very bad news.' This is because they think that having a child will
cause problems. Some examples of problems: a woman might have to take
a break from her education or career in order to take care of the
child; sometimes 'a woman might get pregnant without being married or
in a stable relationship'; and a woman might get pregnant because of
rape and she would not want the child because it would be an accident
and also the child will be fatherless. For a woman to give up her
child she would want an abortion.

'Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by artificial or chemical
means.' This results in the death of the foetus. Abortion is not the
same as contraception. This is because abortion occurs when the foetus
has developed whereas contraception is to prevent a woman from getting
pregnant. A way of contraception is when a woman takes pills. It works
by altering the hormone balance of the woman's body, so that she does
not become fertile. This is the safest method of contraception.

Some abortions happen naturally because the foetus does not 'develop
normally' of the mother, has an injury or disorder. This type of
natural abortion is usually a miscarriage. There are a number of
different ways of how abortion is carried out, some examples include:

· Suction method

· Lunchtime abortion

· Induced abortion

Abortion is not a simple issue. It is a very controversial issue. This
is because of all the different opinions from people. Many questions
are asked and thought about when it comes to abortion,

Is the baby alive?

If the baby is alive, then is this murder?

Does the baby have the right to live?

When does life begin?

Abortion is more about people's opinions. Different people have
different views, which is why this can cause a debate.

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When the
question about life (beginning) asked, people have different opinions.
Some people say that life begins during conception, some say that it
begins when the 'foetus is capable of independent existence' and some
people say that life begins when the heart beats. The question that is
very difficult to answer is:

"Is abortion the right thing to do?"

Most people would disagree with abortion carried out but some people
will agree that it is necessary to do so in some cases. For example,
The Church of England board of Social Responsibility Report 1984 says,

"Although the foetus is to be specially respected and protected,
nonetheless the life of the foetus is not absolutely sacrosanct if it
endangers the life of the mother"

In 1967, abortion was legalised but there had to be certain
circumstances where this performed. The Abortion Act (1967) introduced
in the United Kingdom was to put an end to the illegalisation. This
act made abortion legal in the following circumstances:

1) Two doctors had examined the woman and agreed that an abortion
carried out.

2) The pregnancy is no longer than 28 weeks. It is thought that at
this time (28 weeks) the baby could survive (live) without the mother.

3) 'The continuation of the pregnancy would involve risk greater to
the physical or mental health of the mother or any child within her
family than if the pregnancy was terminated.

4) A termination was necessary to prevent permanent injury to the body
or mind of the mother.'

5) There was a real risk that the baby would be born disabled
(mentally or physically)

In 1990, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act reduced the number
of weeks from 28 weeks to 24 weeks. This means that the abortion can
be carried out up until 24 weeks. The reason for this is the new
technology. Nowadays, the skill at keeping premature babies alive has

Stages of a baby's development

Day One - Fertilisation begins as soon as the sperm and the egg
combine with each other

Week 4 - Test for pregnancy is around this time

Week 6 - The skeleton has developed

Week 8 - All the major organs are present, this includes, the stomach,
heart kidneys etc.


Week 18 - The baby starts to move its arms and legs. The baby sucks
its thumb


Week 20 - Hair starts to appear on the head.

Week 24 - This is the 'limit for most abortions in the UK'

(b) The bible like many other Holy books is very important. The bible
is for the Christians. This holy book 'contains words and teachings of
Jesus', and the instructions from God. The Christians for guidance use
the bible. They want to know what God wants from his creation (mainly
people). In the bible, there is no direct topic, which talks about
abortion. The reason for this is that the following were uncommon in
the days of Jesus:

· Women never used to have sexual intercourse outside of marriage.
Therefore, no women had children before marriage.

· The women would not try to kill the baby during pregnancy.

Even though there is no discussion on abortion in the bible, it still
talks about issues like birth, marriage and death. Many passages in
the bible explain these:

Genesis 1:27

26 "Then God said, "And now we will make human beings; they will be
like us and resemble us. They will have power over the fish, the
birds, and all animals, domestic and wild, large and small."

27"So God created human beings, making them to be like himself. He
created them male and female."

These two verses are important in explaining that God created human
beings and he is the creator of life. In the passage, there are words
in bold print in the places where God clearly explains that he created
people. Human beings are the servants of God. He creates children
through reproduction. God knows when the right time is for the child
to born. It does not say anywhere in the bible that human beings can
take control of their children. The foetus is a human being. It does
not say anywhere in the bible that it is acceptable to kill the baby
inside the womb of the mother. Each creation is unique by God. Every
life has a purpose. God wants the people to take control of their own
lives but it does not say in the bible that you can take control of
another creation. The baby also has a right. So does that mean that
parents are free to take control of the child and kill it because of
unwanted pregnancy?

I think that this passage from the bible would be against abortion
because it says a few times the words "God created" or "He created"
and people are God's servants and they have to obey him.

Exodus 20:13

13"Thou shall not murder"

This is the sixth commandment from the Ten Commandments. It clearly
explains that murder is not permissible. It is a great sin to kill one
of God's creations. God is the creator and destroyer. If abortion is
to terminate pregnancy surely that means killing the living foetus, so
is this the murder of a foetus?

This verse would definitely be against abortion as the verse explains,
that one should not murder as God gives and takes life when he

Psalm 139: 13

13"For it was you who formed my inward parts; you knit me together in
my mother's womb"

God has the power to choose how he wants his creation to be shaped and
constructed. He knows what the purpose of each life is.

John 8:7

7 "As they stood there asking him questions, he straightened up and
said to them 'whichever one of you has committed no sin may throw the
first stone at her".

This has nothing to do with the birth of a baby or any creation but it
is explaining that everyone makes mistakes. Everyone is guilty of
sinning. There is no-one perfect. If the woman has made a mistake by
having an abortion then the people should not be against her and hate
her. As true Christians, they should try to understand the mistake and
then comfort her so that she feels relieved and happy. Instead of
being accused of murder, she should try to learn from her mistakes.
Surely, God will forgive, as he is all-forgiving.

The verse does not say that abortion is right or wrong but it explains
that if abortion is done then forgiveness is the thing needed.
Everyone makes mistakes and the women should learn from the mistakes.

In bible, there is no discussion on abortion and nowhere in the bible
does it say that abortion is right or wrong. There are verses, which
interpret this, but there are no clear references. Christians believe
that man is a creature of God.


Christianity has changed since the days of Jesus. Christianity used to
be one main religion but over the years, it has changed. There are
many different groups of the same religion. There are different points
of views from different groups when it comes to the topic of

Roman Catholic Church

The Roman Catholics say that abortion is a serious sin in all
circumstances. They recognise the foetus as a human and a gift of God.
They say that it has a right to live. They say to 'kill an unborn
child at whatever stage is wrong.' The Catholics say that life must be
protected. The Second Vatican Council says,

"Life must be protected with the utmost care from the moment of
conception; abortion and infanticide are abominable crimes."

The Church of England

'Although it does not agree with abortion the Church of England will
accept it if children will be born to parents who will not be able to
cope or into situations where the child's quality of life may be
deficient.' They admit that abortion is a controversial issue. The
General Synod said: -

1) Since the abortion act (1967), the number of abortions has been
'unacceptably high for a procedure which should not be undertaken

2) There is an urgent need to seek to reduce significantly the demand
for abortion

3) We need to support the BMA and try to make sure that abortions are
carried out as early in the pregnancy as possible

4) 'Serious foetal handicap' should be understood that if the child
did survive until birth then it would not last long outside the womb

5) We need to provide spiritual, moral, practical support to aid


A statement on abortion stated that abortion is always 'evil, and to
be avoided if possible by offering care to single mothers during
pregnancy, and encourage the mother to keep the baby. The statement
also said that 'in an imperfect world' the termination of a pregnancy
is acceptable.

Some foetuses will be born handicapped and if they are born alive then
all they are going to do is suffer and most likely die at an early
age. If there is a rape and the woman is pregnant then abortion 'may
be necessary for the recovery of the victim'. In the statement, they
also said that abortion might be right depending on the social
circumstances of the family, and if the continuation of pregnancy
would affect the mother mentally or physically.

'The Methodists would strongly prefer that through advances in medical
science, all abortions should be unnecessary.

They believe that counselling be given to both the mother and father
before abortion is given. Finally, if abortion is the case then it is
as soon as possible. If abortion were a criminal offence again, the
result of this would be one law for the rich and another for the poor.
There would be an increase of deaths as a result if 'back-street'

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

They all share the same principle: that of respect for the Light
within each person. They respect the sacredness of the foetus's life.
They believe that life is the greatest gift there is. Different
Quakers may interpret the principle differently. Much depends on the
circumstances and the people concerned. They admit that they may get
it wrong. In the end, they accept that they are each responsible, for
their own lives, to God.

They only rely on the experience of other Quakers. There are many
different opinions within the society. The key question that a Quaker
has to think of is, "When does a person become a person".

The Baptist Union of Great Britain

They do not exactly when life begins. Some say that it begins at the
moments of conception, others when thefoetus is capable to stay alive
outside of the womb while others believe that it begins at birth. The
Baptist union of Great Britain says that abortion is not wrong if
there are certain circumstances which leads to this, an example of
this is, if the life or the health of the mother would be threatened
by a full term delivery.

The Salvation Army

'The Salvation Army believes in the sanctity of all human life from
the moment of fertilisation'. Each life is a unique gift from God and
it has to be 'nurtured and preserved'. It accepts the termination of
abortion under certain circumstances:

1) There is a serious threat to the life of the mother

2) The baby could result in the mother to have a physical injury.

3) The result of pregnancy has been because of rape or incest.

These are the different views from the churches. Most of them agree
that abortion is acceptable under some circumstances. There are
different views on abortion from Christian people.

Mother Teresa (Roman Catholic Nun) says,


"If you do make a mistake don't destroy the life…because also to that
child God says, "I have called you by your name, I have carved you in
the palm of my hand: you are mine"

Reverend Joanna Jepson

[IMAGE]She was born with a cleft palate. She is challenging a police
decision not to prosecute doctors who carried out a late abortion on a
foetus with a cleft palate.

Miss Jepson says,

"A cleft palate is far from being serious and claims the surgery,
carried out in Hertfordshire two years ago, was illegal"

Miss Jepson as a teenager had an operation, which corrected her
deformity. She said she wanted to see abortions after 24 weeks no
longer allowed on foetuses with easily treatable disabilities.

She says that even with a disability like this (cleft palate) the
children can have "positive and fulfilling lives".


Is abortion ever justified?

For this question, I think that there are no right or wrong answers as
it is more of a personal opinion. There are many points to take into
consideration when responding to the question. I would agree with
abortion but at the same time, I would disagree with it. I would
disagree with it because I think it is never fair to kill a human
being (living foetus). I think that the baby has a right to live. I
might agree with abortion in some cases for example, if a woman was
raped then abortion should be done to help her recover. In this
section of my assignment, I am going to talk about the pros and cons
of abortion.

Under some circumstances, abortion might be the right thing to do.
When having an abortion it is never easy, but there is no one who
should decide besides the woman. She should be the only one concerned
to make that decision. This view is not directly from the bible but is
has been supported by religious bodies. The Church of England and
Roman Catholic Church both agree that woman should not have to risk
her life for a baby. The Protestant church says,

"Abortion in certain cases is acceptable"

The churches might not agree that it is allowed for the woman to have
an abortion if she is only doing it for personal feelings. For example
if she wanted to pursue her career and she thinks that having a child
would prevent this, then I think it would not be allowed purely
because it is selfish.

Another reason that a person might agree with abortion is that it
would be more difficult to give up the child for adoption than having
an abortion because the woman would feel guilty all her life that she
gave her child away even after the suffering.

There is one point where most churches would agree that abortion is
the right thing to do. That is if the woman has been raped then to
help her recover an abortion is necessary. Another point that most
churches will agree upon is that if the woman were going to suffer
because of the continuation of pregnancy then abortion would be the
right thing to do. The Church of England board of Social
Responsibility Report 1984 says,

"Although the foetus is to be specially respected and protected,
nonetheless the life of the foetus is not absolutely sacrosanct if it
endangers the life of the mother"

There are many cases where the people would disagree with abortion.
The unborn child has a right to live and does not have the right to be
killed, so why kill the child? This is a gift from God. Every life has
a purpose and each creation is unique from God.

Even people with disabilities and awful handicaps can lead happy,
creative and fulfilled lives. Reverend Joanna Jepson who is a woman
who suffered a disability says that children can have "positive and
fulfilling lives".

Abortion is the murder of a human being as the foetus is alive. Does
the foetus have the right to live? 'The UN Declaration of the Rights
of the child states that,

"Children need protection before, as well as after, birth"

Abortions can go terribly wrong and they can leave terrible mental and
physical 'scars' on a woman.

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