Christian Beliefs on Religion, Wealth and Poverty

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Christian Beliefs on Religion, Wealth and Poverty

1. Christians and wealth and poverty, Christians believe that a
person's value should be judged by their actions and not by money or
possessions. Jesus taught that wealth encourages greed and selfishness
and doesn't lead to true happiness. Christians believe that wealth is
sometimes can be used for good or evil, and so, in itself it is not a
bad thing. Also Christians should believe that materialism is wrong,
this means believing in more then money and possessions, more on
deeper worth's such as justice and compassion. Most Christians would
believe, the love of money is the root of all evil (1 timothy 6:9-10).
Also in the bible, Matthew 14.15-21 a teaching from Jesus, it is about
a boy sharing food with lots of people. This teaching is saying, share
with others who are more unfortunate. Also in act 2.44-7, it is about
sharing belongings, selling their belongs and sharing the money
between them equally, the teaching is to follow this example. Also MT
said in the bible "you cannot serve both god and money" MT624 , this
is about choosing what you love more.

Muslims and wealth and poverty, Muslims believe in the Qu'ran and the
pillars of Islam. Zakah is the third pillar of Islam; it is the giving
of 2.5% of their wealth a year. This is if you can afford it, it goes
to benefit the poor. It shows you worship Allah and it purifies the
giver. It also gives great happiness to the giver as they have helped
the poor. They also try and do a good deed like going to volunteer
into a charity, it is done for the sake of Allah and it doesn't have
to involve money. This is called Sadaqah. In the Qu'ran, Surah 2:274 "
those who in charity spend of their goods by night and by day, in
secret and in public, have their lord". Also Hadith quoted by
al'Bukhan, " he who eats and drinks whilst his brother goes hungry is
not one of us".

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Muslims believe in both of these.

2. There is need for world development because it is causing suffering
and death and unfair trade. The less developed countries lack
development because of war, natural disasters, cash crop and debt.

War - many people have to become refugees and come to safer countries.
Also because of war, crops and homes are destroyed.




Debt - LDC have to borrow from other countries\ banks and then they
get interest on it. This stops them paying for schools, hospitals and

Natural disasters - earthquakes, floods, drought etc. affect the land
destroying crops, homes and communities.



(LDC - less developed countries)

Poverty has a big effect on education and health care, they can't
afford the equipment to teach. This makes children suffer as when they
are older they cant have the opportunities like other countries.
Poverty affects health care; as they cant teach the skills with out
the resources and equipment. This makes the whole of this country
suffer and allowing them to slowly die to nothing. If there was world
development then these countries could have the opportunities to live
and get the education to help their family live and grow. Education
would be a way of improving opportunities for growth in industry and
wealth. Other solutions could include dropping the debt and
encouraging fair trade.

3. Muslim Aid, working for people!

Muslim aid is a religion organisation working for people to tackle the
roots, which cause poverty. The types of work they do include:

Orphan Care
By supporting orphanages across the globe Muslim Aid is striving to
discharge this Islamic obligation, providing a decent living and a
good education for those poor children who have lost their families.

breaking the poverty cycle by building a firm foundation for the
generations to come through the provision of improved school
facilities, books, computers and other learning materials.

[IMAGE]Skills Training & Income Generation
supporting self-sufficiency by giving the poor skills and start-up
capital to enable them to help themselves.

Health Care
Caring for the community by providing primary and specialist
healthcare for the most needy and the suffering.

Water & Sanitation
Muslim Aid's water projects are striving to help poor people to secure
access to a clean safe water supply. By doing this they can reduce
health risks and help people affected by drought or unreliable water
supplies to support their families better and grow food more

Ramadan & Qurbani
Every year since its inception, Muslim Aid implements Ramadan and
Qurbani programme in the poorest and most deprived countries
throughout Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and Europe.

Emergency Relief
Helping the victims of natural and man-made disasters like war,
earthquakes, famine and floods by providing for their life-saving

Where the money comes from…


Muslim aid started in 1985 - 1986, In November, Muslim Aid is founded
in London by 23 leading British Muslim organisations, in response to
continuing conflicts and disasters around the world. The aim is to
alleviate the suffering of the victims of poverty, war and natural
disasters. In its first year, emergency relief is distributed to
thousands of people affected by devastating famine in Ethiopia,
continuing wars in Palestine and Afghanistan and widespread flooding
in Bangladesh.


Where the money goes…

'There should be no rich people as long as there is poverty in the world'

Do you agree?

NO because because some people work all there lives to get to where
they are so they deserve to be rich and be able to show it, where as
some people just are homeless on the street who don't bother. When
they could of achieved anything they wanted... but there are many
social injustices in this world.

A Christian would agree, as they believe everyone has equal rights,
But also that there is going to be rich. Christians can be good
Samaritans and if people believe in god they will show them that it
isn't money that makes people happy it is family and friends and
things you achieve that make you happy. Jesus taught that wealth
encourages greed and selfishness and doesn't lead to true happiness.
Biblical teachings show if people have the wrong attitude towards
money, wealth can lead them away from god. Wealth is a gift from god,
and it should be used to help other Christians and people who need it.
God will not reward you from making money in unlawful ways such as
gambling and prostitution, Christians should only gain money in lawful
and moral ways.

A Muslim would agree as well, as their beliefs are to do with the
Qu'ran. The Qu'ran teaches to follow the pillars of Islam. The third
pillar is called, Zakah, this is the giving of 2.5% of their wealth a
year if possible. This benefits the poor and shows worship towards
Allah and purifies oneself. Muslims believe every one has equal rights
and that riches are just a state of showing off, the true inside
values mean more. The also Do Sadaqah, which is doing a good deed and
it doesn't have to include money.

Whether Muslims are rich or poor is God's choice and Muslims believe,
they should help those he has chosen to make poor, Learning
self-discipline, Freeing oneself from the love of possessions and
greed, Freeing oneself from the love of money, Freeing oneself from
love of oneself. This is done in the form of Zakah. Muslims would like
every one to be equal and have the same and every Muslim is committed
to help other Muslims to be equal. Muslims don't believe in the need
of possessions, as when they die money or possessions aren't going to
get them into heaven.

The Iona community would disagree, the members, men and women from
many backgrounds, countries and denominations are committed to a rule
of daily prayer and Bible study, sharing and accounting for their use
of time and money, regular meeting, and action for justice and peace.
The Community today remains committed to rebuilding the common life,
through working for social and political change, striving for the
renewal of the church with an ecumenical emphasis, and exploring new
more inclusive approaches to worship, all based on an integrated
understanding of spirituality. They believe mainly in the same beliefs
of Christians. A member of the Iona community would say, no one is
really rich in material possessions but no one has to endure real
poverty. They believe in helping other people and sharing.

Sir John Templeton has done a lot in the past; he has worked with such
great people like mother Teresa. He has built schools, libraries and
colleges. Hecreated the annual Templeton Prize for Progress in
Religion to recognize frontier thinking in religion and science
contributing to humanity. Sir John would argue that there is going to
be poverty in life and rich people, but he gave the opportunities for
people to become more of themselves. As he is a committed Christian,
he believes his financial success and charitable achievements have
been closely linked to his own spiritual development. He used his
wealth to help support projects around the world that further out
understanding of spiritually and the importance of human character. In
his book - discovering the laws of life, sir john argues " the digging
is easy will certainly find lots of sand, but he'll never find gold.
Sometimes we dig amongst stones and hard clay to find treasure we
seek. And when we do we will know our efforts have not been wasted".

In my own view, I believe that there is always going to be rich people
and poor people, but everyone in their life has had the opportunities
to become rich and they have wasted it or built on it. People who are
homeless can get a job and work to become someone with money. Though I
think it is wrong how footballers and singers get thousands of pounds
just to do a hobby, when simple people who have to do a dead end job,
like working in a supermarket. They get paid a small amount of money,
I think this is unfair. Most rich people do sponsor/donate to
charities and help poor people. This line isn't about how much money
you have in your back pocket it is about the true values of your
heart. If you put your mind to it, you can achieve and have the money
to give your family the best. Greed will not get you anywhere, just a
lonely future. Money isn't a friend; it is a happy time, which may not
last… think before you act...

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