Analysis of Performance - Netball

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Analysis of Performance - Netball

Activity to be analysed: Netball Game (WA)

Skills and Techniques Required:

To play a sound game of Netball, you need a range of both attacking
and defensive skills. There are many other aspects, which are required
to ensure a good Netball player. For example agility. This is a very
important component, as agility is needed in a variety of
circumstances. A Netball player needs to be able to get free and
receive a pass from their team member. To do this, a high level of
agility is required. Also, a high level of co-ordination is needed to
be a good Netball player. This is because, it is sometimes necessary
to receive a pass whilst running and also landing with the correct
footwork, and therefore co-ordination is an essential and important

Balance is also a key aspect of a Netball player. The ability to
maintain equilibrium is needed to receive passes that may not have
come whilst in a comfortable position. Another important aspect of
Netball is the reaction time of a player. For example, situations may
occur when a player will need to react, either to a mistake made by
the opponents or by a member of her own team. Endurance also plays an
important role to many members on the team. For example, a centre
player would need a lot of endurance and also cardiovascular strength,
as they will be required on all three thirds of the court. Also, speed
is also necessary to different players as sometimes it is essential
that a player will need to recover the ball. For example, in order for
a player to win a toss up she will have a better reaction time than
her opponent. Reaction time is also useful when dodging, intercepting
and shooting. There are also a variety of passes that can be used in
Netball, for example if you notice that most members of the opponents
are quite tall, it is wise to concentrate and mainly use bounce
passes. If you notice that most members are short, you can do overhead

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A sound game also requires awareness and the ability to apply and
carry out tactics where needed. These tactics include, the knowledge
of how and when to apply attacking skills and defensive skills. For
example, if it is your centre pass as (WA), the player needs to attack
and sprint, dodge or use any tactics to get the ball. Whereas, if it
is not your centre pass as (WA), the player needs to defend and mark
her partner closely, as she may run up in attempt to get the ball.
Also the ability to make use of the weaknesses of the opponents and be
aware of your own. For example, if you notice that the (GA) isn't very
good at shooting and always passes to the (GS), you can mark closely
the (GS) making sure she doesn't get the ball.


A good level of fitness is needed to enable a reasonable level of
Netball to be played. As mentioned before, cardiovascular endurance is
needed for specific players. The player needs to ensure that skill
level remains high as if it's not fatigued even when it is. Muscular
strength is also needed as strength from the muscles is needed to
jump, to be able to reach or maybe intercept for an on coming pass.
Warming up and cooling down appropriately is important to a game.
Players need to avoid injury and to get blood flowing to the muscles
just before starting the game. This is done by warming up. They can
stretch the muscles and jog slowly. This gets the blood flowing to the
muscles. After the game cooling down is also necessary to bring down
the heart rate and to bring the pulse rate back to normal. This is
also done by jogging slowly and stretching the muscles.


Keeping a cool head whilst playing Netball is necessary. Netball
involves interaction between two different teams, it is important that
whilst winning or loosing a game, a positive, level headed and
determined approach is kept even till the end of the game.

Analysis of Performance of Maisie Q (WA)

Skills and Technique:

Maisie is a very competitive player. Especially when it's the team's
centre pass, Maisie tries to get free, as she needs to get the ball.
She marks her opponents very closely and is very successful during
occasions. Her ability to intercept passes made by the opponent is
particularly good. On several occasions, the opponents have lost
position of the ball due to Maisie intercepting a pass.


In this aspect of Maisie's game, she rates very highly. However this
being said, she still has much room for improvement For example it
would be a good idea for Maisie to jump for an oncoming ball rather
than waiting and watching it drop into her hands. This is a common
problem in Netball players as it is easier to wait for a pass than to
jump up and snatch it. There were some occasions where Maisie had
given away a pass by doing incorrect footwork. This may prove costly
as in a tournament when matches are often shorter.


Maisie is quick on her feet but seems to prefer the ground. She shows
a lack of cardiovascular endurance by excessively heavy breathing
during half time of a game. Her throws diminish in power and bad
footwork becomes apparent towards the end of a long game.

Temperament (Mental Approach):

Temperamentally Maisie is a solid and consistent performer. She does
not get ruffled or even excited at all and accepts good and bad
fortune with equanimity. Although she clearly enjoys playing there is
room for a little more determination and a more apparent desire to
win. She can achieve this without being any less pleasant an opponent
to play.

Recommendations/ Advice to Achievement improvement from Analysis:


During my observations, I noticed that Maisie could be a little too
competitive at times, which can be a bad thing. She should concentrate
more on the game than the people. She can also be careful as sometimes
while intercepting a pass, she contacts other players. When it's the
team's centre pass Maisie tries to get free but sometimes, she doesn't
succeed. She needs to be a lot more agile. To do this, she can develop
a personal exercise plan for over 6 weeks.

Personal exercise programme:

For the first two weeks Maisie should use Fartlek training. She could
do this for a couple of week's 15mins each day and this could help
improve her performance in a game. As fartlek training involves
alternate fast and slow over a varied terrain. The ability to do this
is needed in a game. For the next two weeks, Maisie should use
continuous training, as this will keep her disciplined and improve her
endurance. It involves the aerobic system and her body needs to learn
how to keep going at a steady rate, while her oxygen demand must be
matched to her oxygen uptake. For the next one week, Maisie should use
interval training. This involves exercising at a certain time (work
interval), then resting for a certain Period (rest interval) in order
for her to recover. For the last week, she should use interval
training again but this time increase the length of the work interval
whilst keeping other factors the same, or decrease the length of the
rest interval. This will help improve both the Aerobic and her
anaerobic system.


Maisie needs to improve on her cardiovascular endurance as she
sometimes stops during a game to catch her breath. She can achieve
this by following a regular training programme of running/jogging
three times a week. She will need to work for at least twenty minutes
during which time she raises her pulse to at least 60% of its'
maximum. After this, she should throw a Netball (50 times) towards a
ranging from overhead passes to bounce passes, standing 10m away from
it. Catching it quickly, running towards the wall and with the correct
footwork. This is an example of a skill related improvement exercise
as it will improve her speed and co-ordination. This should also help
her especially when it comes to the end of a game.


Doing the above exercise would also help on Maisie's tactics as she
would leave the habit of waiting for the ball to fall in her hand and
will be used to running towards the ball. She will also have learned
to do correct footwork even though she is tired.

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