The Effect of Music on Heart Rate

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The Effect of Music on Heart Rate


To investigate if listeners to music can affect their heart rate in
any possible way.


Firstly we lay them on the back to get the resting heart rate and we
test the people's heart rates before they listen to the music. Then we
let them listen to the music, see if anything has happened, and then
write the results of their heart beats to see if there was any
dramatic change.

Fair test:

To make sure it is a fair test; the procedure is repeated a couple of
times to make sure the results are accurate. Listeners will lie down
on a table so as to minimise any physical exertion that might skew the
results. There will be no stimulus such as noise to distract anyone.
Initial readings of heart rate and blood pressure will be taken before
the subjects listen to the music.


The only equipment needed is a results table to mark down the results
and possibly the use of a heart rate recorder.


I predict that listening to classical music will lower the heart rate
as it might relieve anger or stress. I hypothesized that a significant
difference would be observed, both in the heart rate and blood
pressure of listeners, after listening to the musical selections as
compared to control conditions.


Make sure the music is not played too loud as it could damage your

Background information:

In general, responses to music are able to be observed. It has been
proven that music influences humans both in good and bad ways. These
effects are instant and long lasting. Music is thought to link all of
the emotional, spiritual, and physical elements of the universe. Music
can also be used to change a person's mood, and has been found to
cause like physical responses in many people simultaneously. Music
also has the ability to strengthen or weaken emotions from a

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particular event such as a funeral.

Responses to music are easy to be detected in the human body.
Classical music from the baroque period causes the heart beat and
pulse rate to relax to the beat of the music. As the body becomes
relaxed and alert, the mind is able to concentrate more easily.
Furthermore, baroque music decreases blood pressure and enhances the
ability to learn. Music affects the amplitude and frequency of brain
waves, which can be measured by an electro-encephalogram. Music also
affects breathing rate and electrical resistance of the skin. It has
been observed to cause the pupils to dilate, increase blood pressure,
and increase the heart rate.




Our results indicated that there was a significant difference between
the heart rate of subjects when listening to Rap, Hiphop, Techno I
found the heart rate rises when listening to this, as compared to
listening to Country and classic when the heart rate is lowered. My
Final conclusion is that listening to music can affect your heart


My results were partially right with my predictions. I actually
guessed that the classical music would lower my heart rate which
turned out to be correct. One potential problem in our methodology was
the fact that I took heart rate and blood pressure readings
simultaneously. I experienced some apprehension about the pressure or
discomfort of the sphygmomanometer used to take blood pressure
readings, and this may have had the effect of raising my heart rate,
and clearer results may have been observed had it been repeated
experiment again. Clearer results might also have been observed if the
subjects had been allowed to listen to the music for a longer period
of time before the readings were taken. It was interesting that a
significant difference was found between all. It is possible that the
response to relaxing music takes longer to register in heart rate,
whereas the effect of increasing heart rate in response to faster
music occurs more quickly. I think the experiment itself went quite
well as there were no major mistakes by getting the wrong heart rate
and I am happy with my results.

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