Project Proposal on Poverty Reduction

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Project Proposal on Poverty Reduction

"Poverty reduction through pro-active, participatory, income-
generating involvement of

Rural youth in goat rearing"

1. Name of the project: Income generation through goat rearing.

2. Implementing organisation: Lemon grass

3. Objectives of the project:

I) Income generation of the distressed women and land less farmers,

II) Establishment of small scale goat rearing enterprise,

III) Raise nutritional status through goat rearing and increase supply
of animal protein,

IV) Develop saving habit of the beneficiaries,

V) Reduce poverty.

4. Project description:

Bangladesh is an agro-based country, more than 80% people live in
villages. They are mostly poor. Most of the people have only
homestead. They have only agricultural labour to invest. These people
spend most of the time in a year without getting any work. As a
result, during these periods they do not have any scope of earning.
50% of total population in this country are women. They are less
educated, unskilled and do not have any access to income generating
activities. They get less food; their caloric intake is 29% lower than
that of male. The effect of extreme poverty falls most severely upon
them and their children. About 93% children under 5 years of age in
the country suffer from protein deficiency. According to FAO and their
statistics women who are divorced, separated from or having disabled
husbands heads 15% of total households in Bangladesh. The members not
less than 96% of these households fall below poverty line and
experience chronic food shortage due to their inability to participate
in any income generation activities. Poverty has forced most of these
women out of their house in search of work as day labour.
Unfortunately female wage rate is also less than male wage rate in

Goat rearing specially by this group of women is a very beneficial
programme as experienced by the Department of Livestock Services.
Lemon grass also started this kind of programme experimentally in
small scale by distributing goat to these women on loan basis.

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result has been found wonderful in respect of paying back their loan
and earning additional income by selling the goat products in their
house. The programme though has been found and proved highly
beneficial, cannot be expanded at this moment due to limitation of
fund and others.

Goat rearing does not require much land and also do not bear high cost
to run. In villages of Bangladesh, most of the poor women keep their
goat in their living shed at night, graze in roadsides and
successfully rear them with much care. The programme if taken will
give excellent benefit to the poorest group of women of the country.

Operation of the project :

The project will be pilot in nature & will be financed by …….'Japan.
The site of the project will be selected near Khulna in a few villages
of ……. thana under Khulna district where most of the people are found
to live below poverty line. After selecting the site survey of living
standard of the people, their employment opportunities, goat rearing
facilities, goat disease prevalence, and socio-economic condition of
the village people will be considered.

Beneficiary Selection:

1. Experience and practice of rearing goat,

2. Skill of rearing goat,

3. Women especially widows, distressed and female headed families, and

4. Only those beneficiaries will be selected who will be willing to
form groups and contribute in community fund.


1. Establishing small-scale goat rearing enterprises,

2. Increase protein supply and raise nutritional status,

3. Income generation for destitute women and land less farmers,

4. Develop saving habit tendency among the group member,

5. Rearing Black-Bengal goat to sustain the breed.

Feasibility study of the project:

The feasibility of the programme of goat rearing by distressed women
has been studied through departmental programme and Lemon grass
implemented programme and has been found successful.


The shed of the goat is very simple. It will be built by beneficiaries
labour. It can be built adjacent to their living room. The size of the
shed will be: 6'X4' with low cost locally available materials like

Feed Supply:

Crop residues, cultivation of green fodder in the premises of house or
roadside by the group members and concentrated feed from the locality
will be purchased. Cost of cultivation of green grass provided by the
beneficiaries as well as from the project which is applicable.


Black Bengal Goat with two kids, at 1st or 2nd calving or female goat
in advanced pregnancy will be purchased and supplied to the
beneficiaries. Every beneficiary shall be supplied with two goats with
kids or in pregnant stage for rearing.

Health Care:

Comprehensive prophylactic programme, depending on local condition
will be given and treatment facilities against diseases will be
covered under the project.

Design of the project:

This is an income-generating project. Lemon grass will be responsible
for implementing the programme. One experienced and efficient officer
would be given the charge of the project. He will be responsible for
implementing the project according to this project concept profile
with the active co-operation of District Livestock Officer and Thana
Livestock Officer he will run the project. Project in-charge will
select the beneficiaries from the existing groups. The number of
beneficiaries shall comprise 5-8 in numbers. The group leader will be
responsible for arranging group meetings in every week. In the group
meeting the beneficiaries will deposit their savings, discuss their
problems and find solutions. The group leader will submit reports to
the field staff of Lemon grass for necessary action. The amount of
savings will depend upon the income and

decision of the group members.

After every sale of the products, the beneficiaries will deposit
certain amount of sale proceeds in the community fund as per decision
of the group. At the end of the project, the saving deposit will be
used in other income generating programmes like /cow rearing/beef
fattening by the same beneficiaries in small commercial scale to make
a sustainable income. The project as a pilot one will be located at
……thana under Khulna district where large number of people are found
to live below the poverty line.


· Local tradition of keeping, consuming goat and their products,

· Marketing facilities of the products,

· Disease situation of the area,

· Ready access to urban markets,

· Willingness to participate and contribute in the programme,

· Department of Livestock Services will intimate and supervise the
programme in project area, as well as provide other essential inputs
not covered by the Tele Food.

Monitoring and Reporting:

The implementing agency will be responsible for providing donor agency
with regular reports in agreed format. The donor agency's
representation will monitor the activities of all project and ensure
so that the funds are properly and correctly used. Director of
Livestock Service will also monitor and supervise the programme
regularly. Lemon grass will submit/ gives monthly progress report to
the donor/ DLS.

Costs and Benefits:

For. …Modules, beneficiaries will require a total of US $……, each
beneficiary shall need $ …….. Each of them will be supplied with four
adult goats, each goat with 2 kids and at the end of the 12-month i.e.
1 year there will be 24 goats in each module. So total goats in
project area will be …. nos. in one year.

The sale proceeds of the products will be $ …… expect the parent stock
and …. kids. So, each beneficiary will earn a total of $ 720 in a
year. In each month they will earn an additional income of $40.00.


(For 56 modules )




1. Goat Shed

5' X 6'

…. nos.

2. Stocks

2 goats with 4 kids

1. ….. Goat

2. ….. kids

3. Equipment


……. Sets



Per module


1. Sheds

$ 11.00

2. Equipment

$ 2.00

3. Stocks

$ 111.107

4. Cone. Food

$ 28.303

5. Green fodder & Rough age

$ 11.00

6. Medicine & Vaccine


7. Other Cost

$ 2.22


$ 176.83


From ….. modules US $ ………..



Item Cost

1. Shed for 2 goats per module (beneficiary will accommodate the $

shed attached to their living room )

2. Equipments for ……modules $

3. Cost of advance pregnant goat or goats with two kids for each

Module…. modules require ….nos. of she goat, total cost- $

4. Concentrate feed for each module 182 kg. Per year for ….

Modules total feed required ……kg. So total feed cost is $

Green fodder and rough age cultivation at the rate of $ 11 for

modules total cost ---------------------------------------------- $

6. Medicine & Vaccine for each module $ 11 and total for …. $


7. Other cost for ……. Modules

8. Unforeseen cost $

Total Cost $


Feed Cost (Cost of one module )

1. Concentrate feed for two goats for one year about

182 kg (Each goat eat 250 gm per day ) $ 28.00

2. Green fodder cultivation for two goats $ 11.00

3. Other costs $ 2.00

4. Total Cost $ 41.00

So, Cost of …. modules $ 41X….


The beneficiaries supplied with two goats may be with kids or in
advanced pregnant stage, will rear for 18 months, During this period,
they will get at least 6 kids from each goat and a total of 12 kids.
After rearing the 1st batch of kids for 6 months, these will be sold
at about $ 45.00.

During this period the goat will again conceive and give birth to
kids. They will also rear these for another 6 months and then sale
these. During rearing 1% kid may die. So, total sale value from each
module will be about 4315.00 and total sale value from…..modules will
be $ ………

From the 3rd batch of kids, one female kid will be transferred to
another beneficiary for rearing. The remaining one will be sold out at
about $ 45.00 and from …..modules earn about $ ………..

The parent stock of goat will be remaining for rearing.

Each beneficiary will earn $ 360.00 within 18 months as an additional
income for his or her families. The remaining 2 goats shall remain in
his/her stock for making further income. So, the beneficiaries may
earn $ 20.00 per month by availing the facilities of the project.

Lemon grass with the help of department of Livestock Services will
implement the programme. Livestock Service will render help in
technical aspects of the programme. By the joint collaboration, the
programme will be a successful self financed programme to be continued
for years for the benefit of other poor target people..

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