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Stomata Leaf Peel Count

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Stomata Leaf Peel Count


· To examine the stomata on the upper and lower epidermis of a leaf.

· To investigate and find out which side has more and why.


I predict that there will be more stomata on the underside of the leaf
(the lower epidermis) than on the upper epidermis because that way the
maximum amount of sunlight can enter the leaf without many stomata
blocking the way. Also, a lower number of stomata would increase the
surface area and therefore increase the amount of area available for
light to hit.


o Microscope

o Leaf

o Nail varnish

o Forceps

o Slides


1. Take a fresh leaf and a bottle of nail varnish.

2. Paint 2 squares (about 1cm2) on each side (you should have 2 on
the bottom and 2 on the top)

3. Wait for them to dry.

4. Paint on a second layer when the first on is completely dry.

5. While waiting for the nail varnish to dry, take out a microscope
and set it up (make sure that the light is dim)

6. Using forceps, peel of a strip of nail varnish from the upper

7. Set it up on a slide and put it under the microscope.

8. Count the number of stomata you see when it is in focus (use a
stronger intensity so that you don't have to count as many stomata
and your results will be more accurate)

9. Repeat steps 6-8 with a strip of nail varnish from the lower

10. Record your results.


Magnifying intensity: x10

Number of stomata in upper epidermis: 15
Number of stomata in lower epidermis: 53


My results show that there were more stomata in the lower epidermis of
the leaf than on the upper epidermis. Stomata are the small holes on
the upper and lower epidermis of the leaf that let gases diffuse in
and out. Carbon dioxide diffuses in for photosynthesis, oxygen (one of
the results of photosynthesis) diffuses out, and water vapour diffuses

There were more stomata on the bottom of the leaf because on the top
of the leaf sunlight has to enter. A lot stomata would block the
maximum amount of sunlight from entering because it would lower the
surface area of the leaf (a lower number of stomata would increase the
area available for sunlight to hit the leaf). Also, if there were more
holes on the top of the leaf, more water would be lost by evaporation
because they are facing the sun, instead of being under the leaf in
the shade.

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