Conflict Between Different Social Groups in Society and Stereotyping

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Conflict Between Different Social Groups in Society and Stereotyping

It is clear that this suggestion is a very valid one, from what we can
see going on around us. People are branded as something and from then
on that is the way in which everyone thinks of them. People are not
given the opportunity to express themselves and show what they are
like as individuals rather than as a group i.e. gender or race.

Stereotypes are easily recognised and this means that if a certain
group have been said to be something then everyone knows it and is
able to recognise them, and in the world which we live in, they will
most likely ridicule that group, in order to make themselves feel
better as a group. With stereotypes, nothing is about individuality
and once you become a member of a certain group it is hard to detach
yourself from the stereotype that comes with it.

There are many stereotypes present in our society even though many go
unnoticed or are laughed about in jokes, they are still there are have
an underlying effect on the way that people tend to perceive others,
whether it's at the first meeting or just when they see someone
walking down the street. Poor people, don't have jobs and this means
that people think they are inferior and that they are unable to work,
so they are never offered the opportunity to work. Women should be at
home in the kitchen and not in the workplace, which is a stereotype
which has caused greats amount of conflict between social groups in
society. Women have fought and fought to become equal and have just
reached a position that they are happy with, sometimes they are even
higher then men in certain workplaces, which appears to be something
that aggravates many men as they liked to be in complete control and
the way things were. Race stereotyping has caused many problems in
society. All black people are criminals, and all Arabs are terrorists
are both stereotypes that need to be abolished.

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There are just as many
white criminals as black, and there are terrorist attacks going on
everyday in Ireland, that no one is as concerned with as they are with
the Middle Eastern situation, where in fact, things really aren't as
bad as they may seem.

Some stereotypes may be true, and sometimes scientifically proven to
be correct, such as men think a lot about sex, and women are the worse
drivers. When there is a high percentage of a group that act and look
a certain way then this sets the tone for the rest of those people in
the group. Its just the way that humans think, and there is no way
that the way we pass judgement on others can be stopped.

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