The Role of Women in the Family

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The Role of Women in the Family


I have taken some extracts from the following authors and their books,
to bring you my version of the roles of women in the last fifty years
and how it's changed.

A Oakley Sex, gender and sexuality.

N Dennis and co Coal is our life

P Wilmott and M Young Family and class in London suburbs

Also The Symmetrical family

C Turbull The forest people

And last but not least an article from the guardian paper based on
inequality at home.


We look at women and their roles in the last fifty years and realise
that depending

On our culture or how we were moulded as children, women can have many
different roles. The most common for women is attending to men, the
house and bearing their children, this role is called the housewife.

We have always been expected to be weaker and maternal, some women
have shown that they can be stronger than men by taking on their roles
as well as their own but sometimes not by choice for example: single
parenting, poverty (where no work for men and women work the streets
etc), illness and even maybe religion.

Since equal rights and opportunities came into force, more couples are
both working, more mums have help to go back to work, men are doing
their fair share of the house work and also couples are making equal
decisions. Women by now were also able to use contraception to prevent
having a high quantity of children, which gave them a bit more

Since 1970 families have become more equal and privatised, it wasn't a
big change for men as from 1950 families started to slowly progress
towards being symmetrical.

There are many benefits when families become more equal, it can take
pressure off one another due to sharing roles and even if the wife
takes up a part time or full time work this can help them financially

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but a vast majority of women prefer to remain as housewife's this due
to high maternal instinct.

Now a days children are listened to by their parents more, as before
children they didn't have a say in what they wanted to do, boys were
sent to school to get a good career and girls were kept at home to
learn house skills. These days both genders can get an education and
its quite normal for children to go to crèche as young as 1 year old,
this helps them to interact and to learn social skills


I feel that in 1970 women's rights were recognised, they were now able
to make independent choices. This gave women the freedom they wanted
i.e. choice of using contraception and the choice to work.

I think this change was for the better as women are now treated
equally and there is more of an understanding between families.

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