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Effects of Skipping Class

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Do you konw students who skip class because they are tired? Do you have friends who don't come to class because they don't have last nights homework? Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend who will skip class to go to the mall? Many students who skip class do not have valid reasons. Skipping class is pointless when you have to pay for it. Students are wasting their money by skipping class. Many students skip class for various reasons, but they don't realize the consequences of missing class such as they may miss valuable information, get a zero on an assignment, or fail the class.

First, the consequences of skipping class is that students may miss valuable information. For example, it may be review day in class. The teacher may give additional information that may be on the test. For example, a girl name Mary Ann skipped class on Monday. On Wednesday Mary Ann attended class. The first assignmentis to write two paragraphs about Monday's lecture for extra credit. Mary Ann missed out on extra points and valuable information. The consequences of skipping class is that a student may miss information that is valuable.

Another, consequence of skipping class is the student may get a zero on an assignment. For example, a teacher may give a pop quiz. The teacher may not give students who don't have a valid excuse a chance to make it up. Anotjher example is a teacher may assign a project to be turned in on the next day of class. A student may have a friend in the class who can help him or her, but the friend may not be able to because the teacher may have assigned each student different topics which wouls cause the student to get a zero. That is one of the consequences of skipping class.

Last,but not least, the ultimate consequence of skippiing class is that it may lead to the student failing the class. For example, if a student skips class the student misses valuable information which could cause him or her to fail a test. Next if a student is skipping class he or she may miss out on completing an assignment. Finally, if a student skips class frequently, he or she will not learn the material need to pass the test which will ultimately enable them to pass the class. The consequences of skipping class are serious.

Many student skip class without realizing the consequences like missing valuable information, getting a zeros on assignments, and ultimately failing the class, students should think twice before skipping class. Skipping class can have a bad impact in a students academic success.

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