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What the American Flag Means to Me

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What is the American flag and what does it represent? For many Americans the flag represents freedom, pride, and justice. Our flag stands for freedom because of the many lives that had to be lost throughout history for us to be the nation we are today. The American flag stands for pride because of the many American soldiers men and women who lost their lives for us. Lastly, our flag stands for justice because in the United States no matter what crime we do we have the right to a fair trial.

Another view of the American flag is the colors red, white, and blue. Some Americans see the color red as blood for all the blood shed on the battlegrounds. Another color white for victory or triumph in our great nation of America. Lastly, the color blue for the sadness or sorrow felt because of the lives lost in war.

To some Americans the biggest meaning of the American flag and the colors red, white, and blue came on September 11th 2001. On September 11th the attack on the twin towers opened up the eyes of many Americans. It was not only an attack on the twin towers but also to the American people. When this attack on September 11th had happened 343 firefighters had lost their lives not including the many American civilian casualties. Al-Quida and the Iraqi regime believed it would tear America apart, but it didn't it only made us stronger. After this attack we came up with the saying "These colors don't run" meaning American is forever and will always be free.

Some people see the American flag as patriotism. These people are the ones who have their flags out all year around. The ones who always have them flying high. Some of these people even have American flags hanging off their cars. To some people the American flag is their son or daughter who they have lost either in the line of duty in the military, on the police force, or even the fire department. Although its sad but true some Americans have no patriotism and could care less what happens around them. These people will only care if it affects them in a harmful way. Lastly, the Americans with no type of patriotism will be the first to complain or say the government has done something wrong.

The first American flag represented the 13 colonies, with its 13 stars and 13 stripes. Today, the American flag has 50 white stars, which represents the 50 states of America. The 13 white and red stripes which represents the 13 original colonies. Although the colors red, white, and blue are apart of the flag they have no meaning toward the land we live on.

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