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Physically Unfit

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Today, many Americans are overly concerned or completely oblivious with being physically fit. Reasons why we struggle with weight vary from person to person. The most common reasons we see are influential, either direct or indirect, new and reoccurring diet fads that may be healthy or risky, and ignorance .

Influence is the number one reason why we stress our weight. We all have friends that were once twice our size, and within a year dropped to half our weight. This is a perfect example of a direct influence. On the other hand, indirect influences such as images in the entertainment industry may put on just as much or even more force as would a direct influence. We have accepted, over time, the seducement of the "perfect" man or woman on television or in magazines. These images are what compel us to get in better shape or at least try. Not to say it is always a bad thing. But if you are fifty pounds over weight and look nothing like a supermodel, what measures would you take or how far would you go to look like one?

Fads are another leading cause obsessive weight loss. Each year, hundreds of new diet products or programs are advertised in America. Each one appearing more to the consumer eye. There are also reoccurring fads with product improvements. Commonly known fads like Atkins and the Miami Beach Diet are advertised everywhere from supermarkets, infomercials and low carb choices on restaurant menus. These all make dieting more accessible and are also constant reminders for the need to diet. The average American may go through a few diets a year. Some of these diets are not entirely unhealthy but can be expensive and lack nutrients needed daily. On the other hand, some Americans are turning to the more dangerous yet promising ways to diet, such as fasting and drugs, specifically cocaine. Recent rumors of celebrities use of cocaine and starving themselves to lose weight have influenced the younger crowd to do the same.

Unlike obsessing to lose weight, some Americans are oblivious to healthy dieting habits. Many turn to over the counter drugs like Trimspa, Metabolife, and Cortaslim. Once an obese size is reached, they believe these drugs can assumingly drop them to their desired weight. Many of us also turn to surgical weight loss. Many medical advances like stomach stapling, liposuction and tummy tucks are being utilized way to freely. Americans should not have to wait until they're 200 pounds overweight to be concerned about thier size and health conditions. It is very sad to see so many Americans overweight and not concerned with healthy eating habits and physical activities. Many times, their ignorance is due to lack of self esteem or carelessness because they see other people with the same problems.

Today, dieting is part of the American culture. In which the actual word diet isn't used how it should be practiced. Many people go to the extreme to mirror their ideal image, worrying only about their weight and size and not about their health. Americans should also understand that healthy dieting should be practiced everyday of their lives not just once a year when they want to rid themselves of extra pounds.

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