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The Allegory of the Russian Revolution of 1917 in Animal Farm

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Animal Farm basically is an animal story written for adults , but the
most important thing is that the novel is an allegory about the Russian
Revolution of 1917.

"Animal Farm" basically is an animal story written for adults , but
the most important thing is that the novel is an allegory about the
Russian Revolution of 1917, when the Russian Empire was replaced by a
strate on communist principle, called Soviet Union. In this system
workers and peasants. Who had no power in de Tzar system and had been
badly treated for centuries, were supposed to have power themselves.
That was only an ideal which with the passing of time was comming

"Animal Farm", is also a revolution satire that talk about revolutions
with "false equality" and about class struggle. Deal with how after
the independence of the lower social class someone takes the power and
the situation of the rest of the Russian population was wrong. At the
book we see an slogan which reflect this inequality:

"All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others".

Talking this topic (the comunism ideal and the inequality) as a
starting point I will try, along paper. To write about how people who
have power over others can lose his mind.

The novel starts telling us how the animals of Mr. JonesĀ“ farm (Which
symbolice Russian society) are fed up with all men demands, and they
are tired of work for their owner (that symbolize the Russian empire)
without get nothing. They put up with his own for many years and they
decide rebel against him and against men in general.

Old major (who is Lenin ) was who starts telling to other animals the
tyranny of the humans and he cheer the rest of animals to REBELLION.

Like the Red Army wich fought against White Army, animals fought
against men. The leaders of animals were Old Major and Snowball (who
symbolize Trotsky).

When Old Major died , another pig ("the work of teaching and
organizing the others fill naturally upon the pigs, who were generally
recognized as being the cleverest of the animals ") Napoleon ( Stalin)
emerged as a leader. The begining of the new state (Soviet Union) was
good. What they wanted to obtain was that all the animals worked the
same and had the same (like in Russia that was Lenin and Trotsky
wanted was a collect hand together into vast farms run by the states
and with it obtain that all people had the same.)

But with the passing of time the relationship between Snowball and
Napoleon was wetting worse Snowball who differed from napoleon in many
issues, was exited from farm and then was killed.

After that the things were changed for the worse. Someone had to be in
charge of the farm and was Stalin and the rest of pigs (the cleverest
animals) who took the power and they seemed that lost their mind. The
pigs became the "human beings" that control other animals, Napoleon
-the leader- became a totalitarian pig, with this the social state was
converted in a totalitarian state. The pigs wanted to became the
leaders and the other animals became more degraded. Pigs became fatter
and opulent. This was perfectly reflected in the changes of the
different slogans.

In sum up pigs took power in a paternalistic way.

Napoleon turns into narrow-minded person and systematically he killed
animals which opinion were quite the convers of him (is the same
situation that occured in Russia. Stalin did not tolerate oposition.
Who was disagreed with him was exited to labour camps in Siberia or
killed, and there were people who were executed for crimed they did
not commit Stalin used to use the brainwashing method with persons).

Talking the comunism ideals as a starting point we see that only are
this ideals. Always someoene wants to have more power over others and
the effect is the corruption. The utopia:

"All for everybody and all have to be shared"

That is an example of utopia.

The Russian revolution is a perfect example , something that seemed a
beautiful idea, an idea of freedom turns into dictatorship, a
totalitarian regim, that is to say the opposite idea that the Russian
population wanted.

When someone have power wants more and more power, always wants to
have more than other people. Nowadays wee can see at neews how
politicians and rich people are more corrupt due to power that money
give as in society.

From my point of view each individual Knows what is best for him or
her and in our society people think that the bes is have much money,
much power, ... losing their mind and without thinking about nothing
or nobody.

In conclusion the author critises what Stalin was doing, freedom and
liberty is taken away, power can corrupt other people. This novel is a
claim towards freedom and against any dictatorship or privation

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