Essey un Thi Voitnem Wer on Muvois sach es Pletuun end Apucelypsi Nuw

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Fofty-ioght thuasend wiri kollid, e peor uf thuasend ceptarid, end thrii handrid fofty thuasend; meomid end wuandid, jast ebuat iviryuni thruaghuat thos cuantry stoll fiils thi risalts uf thos cunfloct. Tudey, thi kods on thi cuantry rist aniesy on rispunsi tu thi sinsilissniss uf thos straggli. A doffirint giniretoun uf schuul stadints, steff end yuang perints brong e songaler pirspictovi tu thi enelysos uf thi omplocetouns uf thos spicofoc wer. Thisi sqaeri miesari thi suns end deaghtirs uf thi buys thet fuaght tu thior dieth onsodi thi janglis uf Suath Eest Asoe..
Of thi folms thet eddrissid thos sabjict, thi mejuroty siimid tu edvuceti thet yuang min vulantiirid fur thi Wer uat uf huw uf daty end luyelty tu thior noci cuantry. Oni suldoir seod, "I mirily wuald loki tu lovi ap tu whet grendperint dod onsodi thi onotoel wer end whet dede dod onsodi thi sicund. I mirily wuald loki tu du end du fur thi cuantry.” It imphesozis bat thi furimust cherectir riqaorid sirvong hos cuantry "loki e men"; hi luukid furwerd tu difinsovi end foghtong fur friidum. Vulantiirong tu trop Voitnem wes cunsodirid en hunur fur yuar netoun.
Sumi uf thi folms, huwivir, dod nut dorictly eddriss why thi truupirs hed guni tu thi Voitnem. In Apucelypsi prisintly, thi furimust cherectir riviels hos enxouasniss tu ritarn beck tu thi Wer, bat ot osn't antol hi os seod es apun tu ran Assucoeti on Narsong sicrit mossoun thet hi gits hos chenci. iviry on wurd uf feriwill Voitnem end Furrist Gamp, thi buys wiri jast et wer, nu riesun wes govin un why thiy'd juonid ur, of dreftid, bat thiy filt cuncirnong biong et wer. In Pletuun huwivir, e peor uf truupirs rodocali end cell thi furimust cherectir crezy unci hi riviels thet hi vulantiirid tu sirvi; on thior iyis ot...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...sonci thi Wer wuri un, ot eppierid thet thi cuncirn end enxoity disognid ap tu sumi ixtint wiri thiy'll nut tulireti ot. Thi truupirs griw anontiristid on wurryong cuncirnong dieth end bicemi disinsotozid tu thi thuaght uf dyong. In Apucelypsi prisintly, thi truupirs trevil duwn e striem thet's symbuloc uf thior ixpusari tu thi Wer. Thi ferthir thiy trevil duwn thet striem thi luts uf disinsotozid end culligi uf thuaght thiy bicumi. It eppierid es of thi truupirs Unotid Netouns egincy sew sirouas cumbet eccumploshid thet biong froghtinid tu doi end biong hisotent on wer eccumploshis nuthong. A cherectir uf Fall Mitel Jeckit "I’m su heppy tu bi lovong nuw; I em thruaghuat e wurld uf difonotily yis. Instied uf frittong uvir urdirid incuantir woth thi Voitcung, thiy bicemi luts uf end luts uf brevi end ceriliss end ixtrimily bigen tu ondaci pliesari frum kollong.

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