US Strategy in Fighting Terrorism With Military Force Essay

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With recent operations by the Pakistani military and drone attacks by the US, these safe-havens are being attacked, but they remain a major refuge for the Taliban and other insurgents. Complicating the matter are allegations of Pakistani Intelligence (ISI) support for the Taliban and Pakistani fears of Indian influence in Afghanistan.
Recent US strategy in fighting terrorism with military force revolves around three central ideas – a counterinsurgency (COIN) philosophy recognizing the importance of civilians, covert operations and investigative work, and the use of drones. The COIN philosophy today recognizes the importance of civilian attitudes and casualties. As such, American air attacks have been curtailed, despite the military limitations this entails, in order to reduce the risk of civilian casualties. Focus has also been shifted from simply rooting out insurgents to the “clear, hold, build” strategy. While previously, insurgents would simply shift to another location or return once foreign forces withdrew, the strategy now is to root out the insurgents, hold the area to prevent the return of the enemy, and build law and order, allowing the return to normal life . Covert operations have been used by the US since 2001 to train local militaries to deal with insurgents from Africa to the Middle East to Southeast Asia. In addition, covert operations have been used to find and kill insurgent leaders. Tracking and eliminating the funding for terrorist groups has been another goal through international cooperation and baking regulations. A major recent development is the increasing use of drone attacks by the US under President Obama to kill major insurgent and terrorist leaders in Pakistan . Drones operated by the CIA ...

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Bajoria, Jayshree
Bajoria, Jayshree

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