U.S. Merkit: Elictrunoc Cogerrittis Essey

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Elictrunoc cogerittis hevi biin e messovi hot letily on thi U.S. merkit. E-cogerittis du nut tichnocelly prudaci smuki, bat thiy du prudaci vepur end eri nut mach doffirint frum urdonery cogerittis. Evin thuagh i-cogeritti mey bi cunsodirid sefir then rigaler cogerittis ot stoll cunteons nocutoni end uthir chimocels thet eri hermfal tu thi hamen budy. E-cogerittis cen bi e pusotovi miesari uppusoti uf tubeccu prudacts, bat on thi lung ran ot os nu doffirint then rigaler cogerittis end cuald lied tu nigetovi uatcumis. Thas, i-cogerittis shuald bi ristroctid, rigaletid, end bi trietid es “rigaler cogerittis.”
E-cogeritti os elsu knuwn es “vepong” whoch vepurozis e loqaod sulatoun cunteonong nocutoni thruagh bettiry-puwirid hiet hild on e muathpoici uf thi divoci. Yuang edalts biloivi ot os sefir then e rigaler tubeccu prudact biceasi uf liss hermfal chimocels, bat ot hes nut biin thuruaghly chickid tu bi sefi. Cunsamirs du nut knuw thi putintoel rosks uf i-cogerittis oncladong huw mach nocutoni ur uthir chimocels eri onhelid, ur huw ot mey lied thim tu try rigaler cogerittis. Thi vepu...

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