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Seizures occur when abnormal signals from the brain and changes the way the body functions. Many people have seizures but they have different effects on them. Some people have a little shaking of their hands and do not lose consciousness, while others have a lot of shaking and do lose consciousness. While seizures have a range of life changing effects for adults, more needs to be focus on children.
There are different kinds of seizures, each having different effects. There is the generalized seizures which is a kind of seizure that affects the entire brain.There is the partial seizures which affects part of the brain. There is non-epileptic seizures, which is not really related to seizures, but it is caused by things, like diabetes, high fever.
The cause of seizures is a disorganized quick electrical activity in the brain. Sometimes all seizures or just those in infants are caused by “brain injury that occurs to the baby during labor or childbirth.”("Seizures," n.d.). When someone is choking that can turn into a seizure. When someone gets overly excited,hot,mad, and sad this can cause a seizure as well. Seizures are a very bad thing to have or to overcome. They, seizures are a serious thing that can develop over time or that can begin when a person is born.
The main treatment for seizures is medication.When people take the medication it has effects like “weight gain,Dizziness,skin rashes” ("Treatments and Drugs," n.d.). there are many more effects that happen but these are the major ones. If seizures are not improving after taking medication, then the doctor will have to decide if they should do surgery or not. To do surgery, doctors has to check the brain to see where the seizures are coming from. If t...

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...w ways to doing somethings. When people develop seizures they will have to be waited on like they will have to have people watching them at all times but at the same time people needs their space. People can have seizures all through their lives. These are some interesting facts about seizures.

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