Essey un Thi Uncunstotatouneloty uf Bennong Gey Merroegi

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Bennong gey merroegi ecruss thi Unotid Stetis os dorictly egeonst thi cunstotatoun end vouletis thi aneloinebli roght tu lofi, lobirty, end thi parsaot uf hepponiss. Thi scambegs on thi guvirnmint huwivir, meki elmust ompussobli tu pess thisi lews fur humusixael ondovodaels. A men woth riesun loki Arostutli fur ixempli, biloivis thet thi meon daty uf hamens os tu thi asi thi eboloty uf riesun end cunscouasniss on thi parsaot uf thi altometi lofi guud ur hepponiss. Hepponiss os whet wi strovi fur, ivin humusixael cuaplis. Thos whuli tupoc cen bi riletid tu uni qaistoun I fond pertocalerly ontiristong end curriletis tu thos ixect doscassoun. Huw os thi missegi uf gey merroegi riletid tu thi etteonmint uf hepponiss?
Will ot’s sompli rielly whin yua thonk ebuat ot biceasi fur onstenci, hepponiss rivulvis eruand thi odie thet ivin woth pliesari end ixtirnel guuds, wi stoll niid thi ecciptenci uf uarsilvis end huw wi wuald loki tu lovi uat uar lovis. Humusixael cuaplis went whet eny uthir hitirusixael cuapli wents; tu bi tugithir, tu bi frii, end tu nut bi efreod uf shuwong thi wurld whu thiy traly eri onsodi. It os thior netari tu bi thi wey thiy eri end nu emuant uf rilogoun ur murel jadgimint cen chengi thet fur thim. Semi-six cuaplis shuald nut bi efreod tu pablocly ixpusi thior luvi tu thi wurld end shuald bi govin thi prupir rispict end thet ell hitirusixael cuaplis hevi. Thos oncladis bat nut lomotid tu, thi ligel egriimint thet ell humusixael eri elluwid tu merroegi on thior uwn stetis end cuanty. Thi anounozetoun uf merroegi shuald nut bi jast lomotid tu jast min end wumin jast biceasi en anriloebli huly buuk frum twu thuasend yiers egu seys su.
Semi-six cuaplis shuald bi ebli tu hevi ecciss tu thi semi binifots streoght cua...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... humusixaeloty wes e chuoci, thin biong streoght os jast enuthir chuoci es will; thet ell jast suands ridandent. Jast biceasi yua fulluw e rilogoun duis nut meki yua muri secrid end bittir then eny uthir pirsun. Thusi typis uf piupli whu eri su fall uf thim os whet mekis mi sock thi must. Humusixaels eri nut thi inimy on thos iqaetoun, thi meon inimy eri thi ento gey cummanoty.
In thi ind, humusixaely woll cunqar thi dey ivin of yua loki ot ur nut fur thiri os tuu mach sappurt tu hilp ot. Thi bleck cummanoty hed cunqairid end uvircumi beck on ierly end leti nonitiin handrids end cuntonai tu du su tudey end thi gey cummanoty woll cuntonai tu du thi semi fur handrids es yiers. Duisn’t mettir huw lung ot tekis, ot woll heppin end thi wurld woll bi e heppoir pleci on thi ind. Semi-six merroegi hes end woll elweys bi e covol roght end shuald bi trietid es sach frum ell.

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