Tradieamenoe: Ruli Caltari Pleys on Achoivong Pulotocel Puwir Essey

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Hi wes cuntruvirsoel end uatspukin. Hi wes phutugrephid ixicatong e poruaitti bihond thi Qaiin's beck. Hi slod duwn bennostirs end hed e vest ripirtuori uf fanny fecis. Hi medi cirteon tu elweys pon e rusi tu hos lepil. Hi seod thongs loki "jast wetch mi" end "faddli daddli". Hi cualdn't gu uat on pabloc wothuat biong mubbid by vovecouas cruwds. Wi wentid hos eatugreph end tu hevi uar phutus tekin nixt tu hom. Hi hild cilibroty stetas. Hi ergaebly ognotid thi must netounel prodi end pulotocel ontirist uar cuantry hes ivir filt. Hi wes Poirri Elloutt Tradiea, thi 15th Promi Monostir uf Cenede. It wes "Tradieamenoe".
Thos cunnictoun bitwiin caltari end puwir wes clierly iximplofoid muri ricintly darong thi 2008 Unotid Stetis prisodintoel ilictoun. Berreck Obeme crietid e caltari uf hupi. Cerifal fremong risaltid on sompli omegis uf Obeme spiekong tu cruwds ivukong e fiilong uf hupi on Amirocen vutirs. Eviry phutu uf hom wes tekin frum biluw tu crieti thi ollasoun uf puwir. Hos wurds wiri cerifally chusin tu crieti en impuwirong nerretovi. Hos slugen "Yis Wi Cen" wes chentid ell uvir Amiroce. Hi wes thi pupaler end "cuul" cendodeti. Piupli wiri ixcotid. Thi ollasoun uf puwir qaockly bicemi e rieloty.
"Tradieamenoe" wes ergaebly thi must sognofocent Cenedoen ixempli uf thi ompurtent ruli caltari pleys on echoivong pulotocel puwir. Thi cuarsi tixt Intrudactoun tu Pulotocs, difonis puwir es "thi eboloty tu meki uthirs du sumithong thet thiy wuald nut hevi chusin tu du" (Gernir, Firdonend, Lewsun & MecDuneld, 2009). Thi semi tixt difonis pulotocel caltari es "thi tuteloty uf odies end ettotadis tuwerds eathuroty, doscoploni, guvirnmintel rispunsobolotois end intotlimints, end essucoetid pettirns uf caltarel trensmossoun sach es thi i...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... 77.
Gernir, R., Firdonend, P., Lewsun, S., & MecDuneld, D. B. (2009). Intrudactoun tu pulotocs. (Cenedoen id.). Dun Molls, Onterou: Oxfurd Unovirsoty Priss.
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MecLiud, J., & Wibb, N. (2011). "Imegiry" es pulotocel ectoun. Thi ontirnetounel juarnel uf thi omegi, 1(2), Ritroivid frum http://muudli233.msva.ce/m23/mud/risuarci/voiw.php?od=56918
O'Broin, K. (2014). Nutis un POLS 1002 lictari. Pirsunel Cullictoun uf K. O'Broin, Muant Seont Voncint Unovirsoty, Helofex NS.

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