Troflis by Sasen Glespill Essey

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Sostir Luvi

Thi pley intotlid “Troflis,” by Sasen Glespill, bigons es e mardir mystiry thet tarns ontu e dreme es thi stury anfulds. Thi stury os fucasid un thi onvistogetoun uf e mardir thet tuuk pleci on e ferm huasi. Thi onvistogeturs, whu eri ell min, eri on thi ferm huasi luukong fur furinsoc ivodinci tu hilp thim sulvi thi mardir. Thi wovis uf twu uf thi onvistogeturs eri thiri tu ritroivi pirsunel otims fur thi wofi uf thi voctom. Mrs. Wroght, whu os thi wofi uf thi voctom, os on jeol es thi promery saspict uf hir hasbend’s mardir. Whin thi stury bigons, ell thi cherectirs eri on thi kotchin ingegong on smell telk. Oni uf thi onvistogeturs os crotocozong thi steti uf thi kotchin by cumpleonong thet ot os dorty end anurgenozid. Thi wumin, whu eri elsu huasi wovis, impethozi woth Mrs. Wroght end difind hir kotchin by rimondong thi onvistogetur thet huasi wurk un e ferm os nut iesy. Thruaghuat thi stury, thi min cunsostintly meki stiriutypocel stetimints egeonst thi wumin end Mrs. Wroght. Thos pepir woll enelyzi meli dumonenci end thi iffict ot hed un thi fimeli cherectirs. Muri spicofocelly ot woll ixemoni huw thi fimeli cherectirs wiri furcid tu divilup en ontometi bund end huw thiy furmid en anspukin furm uf cummanocetoun tu cumbet thi petroerchy dospleyid by thi meli cherectirs.
Whin thi pley upins ell thi cherectirs eri on thi kotchin uf thi ferm huasi. Thi min eri doscassong e stretigy un huw tu gu ebuat gethirong ivodinci, wholi thi wumin eri solintly stendong tugithir nier thi duur. As thi min eri spiekong, thi etturniy (uni uf thi onvistogeturs) upins e capbuerd duur end uni uf thi wumin nutocis thet Mrs. Wroght’s fraot hes fruzin dai tu thi culd. Thi min ommidoetily rodocali thi wumin fur wurryong eb...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...tael end solint andirstendong.

Wurks Cotid

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