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Trends In Wireless Technology

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Wireless Technology Industry Report

•The forecast where a technology will be on the future of wireless LAN
•The current level of wireless technology
•The development of wireless networking
•The influence on the future of wireless LAN
•The trend of the time of wireless networking

In June, 1997 the IEEE, the body that defined the dominant 802.3 Ethernet standard, released the 802.11 standard for wireless local area networking. IEEE 802.11 standard supports transmission in infrared light and two types of radio transmission within the unlicensed 2.4GHz frequency band: Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) and Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS).

The followings are development of wireless standards:

Local Area Networks (IEEE 802)

Wired Ethernet (IEEE 802.3)

Wireless Ethernet (IEEE 802.11)

High Rate Wireless Ethernet (IEEE 802.11b)

Mode 2.4 GHz/54 Mbps Wireless Ethernet (IEEE 802.11g)

5 GHz Wireless LAN/WAN (IEEE 802.11a)

Wireless Personal Area Network (IEEE 802.15)

Fixed Broadband Wireless Access (IEEE 802.16)

European 5 GHz/54...

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...ity of 802.11." http://www.isaac.cs.berkeley.


L. Blunk and J. Vollbrecht, "PPP Extensible Authentication Protocol

(EAP)," Tech. Rep. RFC2284, Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF),

March 1998.

Lucent Orinoco, User's Guide for the ORiNOCO Manager's Suite,

November 2000.

J. Walker, "Overview of 802.11 security.", March 2001.IEEE 802.11Working Group.

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