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Not surprisingly, the world of event planners is fast-pace, and ever changing world, in the chaos the only thing that is constant is change. Keeping up with the latest trends in event planning meetings and convention industries could be a full time all by itself. However, staying on the cutting edge is an essential component of any planner’s job description. Satisfying stakeholders and CEO’s demands that the event planners to find cost-effective ways to do business. Meeting and exceeding the clients exceptions, will have them coming back for more. In order to achieve that goal time and time again requires knowing what is in, what is not, what is hot, and what is not in the event planning meetings and convention industries. The triumph or failure of any event depends on awareness of current trends, healthy food and drink options, utilizing the most up-to-date Social media and technology, and sustainable event management. While trend-watching is fun, it is important to understand that trend’s change because the desires, needs, and tastes of the people change.
The big trend in the food and beverage industry for the past few years is healthy food and drink. Americans are getting more health-conscious and portion-conscious, this includes gluten-free and food allergy-conscious items as well. Clients are requesting whole grains, a wider range of salads, as well as low-sodium options. “Making healthful menu choices has a dual benefit. It’s good for attendees’ health and it also helps them stay alert and focused for the meetings.” (Brost, 2009) Whether they are called tapas or small plates, appetizers they are very popular for many reasons. Chefs like them because they allow them to play around with various recipes and unique ingre...

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...t up-to-date Social media and technology, and sustainable event management. While trend-watching is fun, it is important to understand that trend’s change because the desires, needs, and tastes of the people change.

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