Treating Diseases with Drugs: My Career as a Pharmacist Essay

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My strong desire to pursue a career as a pharmacist originates from my interest in how drugs are involved in the treatment of diseases. My fascination with medicine has motivated me to further increase my knowledge and understanding of how drugs may be safely delivered into the human body through various methods. In particular I am most interested in the uses of nano technology in the health care industry and how nanotechnology is used in medical industry for prevention, treatment and diagnosis, hence my pursuit of a career in pharmacy.
In recent years with increasing pressure being placed on doctors, pharmacists have been able to carry out a larger role in the treatment of patients. In light of the situation the responsibilities of the pharmacist has greatly increased in terms of being able to advise the patient on treatment methods and for this reason I see this as an ideal career path for myself as it will allow me to interact more closely with the public.
In school my favourite subjects have always been chemistry and biology. The way in which chemical reactions take place in o...

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