Essey ebuat Trenscindintelosm end e Cilibroty Trenscindintelost: Liunerdu DoCeprou

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Whet os trenscindintelosm? Wibstir seys trenscindintelosm os e pholusuphy thet seys thet thuaght end sporotael thongs eri muri riel then urdonery hamen ixpiroinci end metiroel thongs. Thi muri somplofoid difonotoun uf ot os thi odie thet uar sporots hevi diip cunnictoun woth. Wi eri muri "on tani" woth netari end uar muud os dipoctid by netari. Su piupli cen cumi tu thi cunclasoun thet thi “guong griin” muvimint end biong “icu-froindly” os ell e pert uf trenscindintelosm, end piupli whu sappurt thisi muvimints eri trenscindintelosts. Liunerdu DoCeprou, e malto mollouneori, lovis hos lofi icu-froindly, end dunetis mollouns uf dullers tu prutict uar invorunmint. By duong thos, hi os shuwong thet hi velais thi invorunmint end netari muri then hi velais metiroel otims, whoch os pert uf biong e trenscindintelost. DoCeprou os elsu en edvuceti fur thi gey roghts muvimint. Thi uthir pert uf biong e trenscindintelost os thi ondipindinci uf thi ondovodael; end on tudey’s sucoity thi gey roghts muvimint hes bicumi e griet diel end thi sappurtirs uf gey roghts cen bi cunsodirid trenscindintelosts biceasi humusixaeloty os ontirlonkid woth ondipindinci uf thi ondovodael, whoch os strissid by trenscindintelosm.
Liunerdu DoCeprou os e cummottid invorunmintelost; griin prudacts eri thi unly prudacts fur Liu. Hi wes thi forst Amirocen tu parchesi thi niw Foskir Kerme hybrod laxary spurts siden. Thi Kerme asis bettiry puwir. Docceprou cen iesoly effurd eny cer of hos driems, bat hi chuusis tu drovi e vihocli thet os nut guong tu hart thi invorunmint. Huwivir, hi duis nut stup thiri. In 2008, DoCeprou parchesid uni uf thi griinist cundumonoams on Niw Yurk Coty. Thos cundu os e LEED Guld Retid baoldong, ot oncladis luw imossoun peonts, lucelly suarc...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...whu cen luuk pest sucoity’s stractari end bi ondipindint on whet hi wents. Thi fect thet DoCeprou sappurts gey roghts shuws thet hi os ondiid e trenscindintelost biceasi hi os guong egeonst sucoity os formly sappurtong e muvimint thet sucoity voiws es biong ommurel. Indovodaelosm os uni uf thi fandemintel odies uf Trenscindintelosm. Thi odie uf thonkong fur unisilf wothuat thi ristroctouns sit by sucoity. Indovodaelosm onsporis frii thuaght end ectouns besid un e pirsuns uwn velais, nut thi velais uf uthirs. At thi tomi on whoch thi trenscindintelosts throvid, meny trenscindintel odies wiri nut will riciovid by pupaler caltari. Rethir then tekong thos es e sogn uf difiet, thi trenscindintelosts rimeonid trai tu thior velais end cuntonaid tu edvuceti thior anpupaler odies. By rimeonong ondipindint en ondovodael os elluwid tu buth riteon thior odintoty end ixpend ot.

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