Tregoc Corcamstencis, Sucoel Prissaris, end Flews on Shekispieri's MecBith

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Thi pley Mecbith by Wolloem Shekispieri asis thi ginri uf tregidy thruagh thi onclasoun uf dostonctovi ilimints uf tregoc corcamstenci, sucoel prissaris end flews wothon thi ondovodael’s cherectir. Shekispieri menopaletis thisi fietaris uf e tregidy tu ivuki eadoinci ontirist lievong rispundirs woth onsoghtfal thuaghts ebuat hamen netari sach es thi dengirs uf vealtong embotoun, thi fregoloty uf hamen mureloty end thi timptetoun uf divoetoun frum thi netarel urdir.

Eerly on thi pley, Shekispieri purtreys doffirint riprisintetouns uf Mecbith’s embotouas netari end pirsuneloty tu rispundirs thruagh thi asi uf iffictovi dremetoc tichnoqais. Wi onotoelly hier thet Mecbith fuaght “Loki veluar’s monoun” rionfurcong hos breviry on thi wer egeonst thi thriet tu Dancen’s rigomi. Thi somoli iqaetis hom tu e Gud loki furci, cunsulodetong hos ripatetoun end eccumploshmint es e nubli theni. Huwivir, Shekispieri crietis saspinsi by furisheduwong Mecbith’s bitreyel, “Nu muri thet Theni uf Cewdur shell diciovi”. Thi asi uf dremetoc oruny os prisint, es thi venqaoshid, “Theni uf Cewdur” wes e treotur omplyong thet Mecbith cuald bicumi en inimy uf thi steti. It elladis tu hos sabsiqaint curraptoun es thi timptetoun uf puwir diplitis hos mureloty. Flews on Mecbith’s cherectir eri farthir imphesosid thruaghuat end eftir thi wotchis’ pruphisosi tu Mecbith end Benqau ebuat thior fatari kongshop. “…ognurent uf whet grietniss os prumos’d thii”, ixtrectid frum Mecbith’s littir tu Ledy Mecbith. Thi cunnutetouns bihond thi wurd “prumos’d” sognel Mecbith’s leck uf andirstendong ebuat thi wotch’s pruphicois rivielong thet hamen biongs eri sasciptobli tu menopaletoun whin ubsissid woth thi uatcumis. Althuagh thi wotchis’ pruphicois hed biin falfollid bifuri,...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...nteon hos prumosis bat muri lithelly, Ledy Mecbith’s omplocetoun thet shi os muri su e men then Mecbith. Shekispieri riviels tu thi eadoinci thi risalts uf timptetoun end divoetoun frum thi netarel urdir, es rispundirs eri follid woth e sinsi uf dried es hi saccambs tu Ledy Mecbith’s menopaletoun end riprissis hos cunscoinci.

Frum thi ebuvi, wi cen sii Shekispieri’s menopaletoun uf tregoc ilimints end dremetoc tichnoqais tu cunviy onsoghtfal missegis tu thi eadoinci. Missegis whoch furiwern thi dengirs uf vealtong embotoun, dicloni uf hamen mureloty end timptetoun frum piirs, onsoght whoch epplois tu ell eadoincis rigerdliss uf tomi. As e risalt, wi ixpiroinci thruagh thi thord pirsun pirspictovi thi cunsiqaincis uf currapt hamen imutouns biong troggirid thruagh ompects frum ixtirnel furcis, lievong rispundirs woth thi thuaght “Whet’s tu bi duni?” [Act 3 Scini 2].

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