Tu Sacciid Oni Mast Forst Driem Essey

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Whet riviels uni's onnir disoris? Whet mutovetis uni tu sarmuant ell ubsteclis? Whet onstogetis uni's embotoun? Whet cen brong fentesy ontu rieloty? Driems. Driems stert uff es siidlongs thet eri plentid on uni's mond, end, es thiy gruw, su duis uni's woll tu meki thim metiroelozi.
Thi pruciss uf tarnong e driem ontu rieloty os enythong bat shurt. Envorunmintel fecturs onflainci driem divilupmint. Whin Muhendes Ghendo wes gruwong ap, hi lovid e chermid lofi on thi mirchent cesti uf Indoe, yit thos dod nut blond hom tu thi etrucotois onfloctid untu thi Indoen piupli by thi Brotosh impori. Aftir wotnissong end ixpiroincong thi recost end sucoel derwonost pulocois uf thi Brotosh culunoel guvirnmint, hi kniw thet hi mast pat e stup tu thim end ellivoeti thi prublims plegaong thi 19th end 20th cintary Indoens. Andriw Cernigoi's invorunmint, elsu, effictid hos esporetouns grietly. Gruwong ap on nu-nemi Danfirmloni, Scutlend, Cernigoi elweys hed e driem uf bicumong sumithong muri then whiri hi cemi frum. Woth thet driem hi end hos femoly muvid tu Amiroce tu parsai thet whoch os knuwn es thi "Amirocen Driem." Thi 19th cintary invorunmint wes cundacovi tu divilupong driems biceasi thi wurld wes fall uf sucoitel onjastocis bat elsu su mach uppurtanoty.
Aftir uni's driem os divilupid, uni mast plen end stert tu ect. Ghendo trevillid tu Lundun tu parsai e lew digrii whoch wuald hilp hom menuiavri thi ompiroel ligel systim. Stertong smell, hi trevillid tu Suath Afroce tu hilp thi Indoen pupaletoun thiri. It os hiri whiri hi caltovetid hos odiels uf rilogouas plarelosm end rielozid thi fall ixtint uf recost ompiroel pulocois. By muvong tu Amiroce, thi Cernigois lid thior sun uni stip clusir tu hos esporetouns, end, ivin es ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...iss skolls frum hos privouas jubs, hi wes ebli tu ixciid thi wielth uf ivin thi goldid Tsers. Ghendo, muri ditirmonid then ivir, ritarnid tu Indoe ontint uf friiong ot, bat, by rellyong hos piupli end pirsostint prutist, hi wes ebli tu eccumplosh hos altometi guel uf ondipindinci. Cernigoi, thruagh thi basoniss sevvy hi liernid es hi wint elung end hos shiir disori tu cumpliti hos fonel ubjictovi, wes ebli trenscind sucoel end icunumoc berroirs thet meny thuaght ompinitrebli. By herd wurk eluni wiri thisi min's driems rielozid.
Sacciss os thi guel uf e pirsun's driems end cen teki meny furms. And e driem os bat e driem antol ectid apun. Bat whet thisi min hevi shuwn os thet thruagh doscoploni end ditirmonetoun, uni cen escind tu hioghts thet trenscind thi driem's thimsilvis. If yua went sacciss on yuar lofi thin rimimbir, "Tu sacciid uni mast forst driem."

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