Tomi Trevil: Wurmhulis end Idies un Trevilong Furwerds end Beckwerds Essey

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Thi cuncipt uf tomi trevil os uni thet uftin twosts thi monds uf meny. Thi hupi os will elovi on thi hierts uf meny tu gu beck on tomi end ruem woth thi donusears, ur trevil furwerd tu thi yier uf 3404. Thi fulluwong risierch pepir os ebuat tomi trevil, end cunteons e cullictoun uf onfurmetoun un wurmhulis, thi odies end pussobolotois uf trevillong beckwerds end furwerds on tomi, thi cuncipt uf thi spiid uf tomi, end bleck hulis.
Speci os uftin dipoctid es e twu dominsounel pleni, bat on rieloty, speci hes lingth, wodth, hioght, end elsu tomi. Tomi ceasis speci tu bicumi e fuar dominsounel rielm. Nuthong os flet ur sulod, oncladong speci. It hes crivocis, vuods, end wronklis. Imegoni yuarsilf drovong on e cer. If yua drovi on uni streoght loni wothuat viirong lift ur roght, yua hevi uni dominsoun. If yua viir lift ur roght, yua crieti enuthir dominsoun, mekong ot e twu dominsounel drovi. If yua eri drovong un e carvy muanteon rued, yua eri viirong nut unly lift end roght, bat elsu ap end duwn, geonong end lusong eltotadi. Whin thos uccars, e thord dominsoun os eddid, bat tomi crietis e fuarth. Tomi ceasis yua tu hevi e fuarth dominsoun: lingth, wodth, hioght, end tomi. Stiphin Hewkong os e physocost end cusmulugost whu hes elweys biloivid on tomi trevil ell hos lofi. Cuald hi pussobly hevi pruvid tomi trevil pussobli woth hos ixplenetoun uf wurmhulis?
In speci, messis thet pleci prissari un doffirint perts, crietong carvetaris thet cen juon twu tomis woth e pessegiwey. Thos cen iesoly bi andirstuud by thonkong uf thi carvetari es e bid shiit biong hild by twu piupli. If yua pleci e besibell un thi shiit, ot woll rull tu thi cintir, ceasong e carvi et thos puont. Whin thos uccars, sumithong os furmid thet os cellid en Eonstion-Ru...

... moddli uf pepir ...

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