Thruagh thi Eyis uf e Tiinegir on A & P, A Shurt Stury by Juhn Updoki Essey

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Tiinegirs uftin fond thimsilvis guong thruagh thi mutouns uf duong whet thiy eri tuld whin thiy eri tuld tu du ot. In cunfurmong tu sucoitois nurms tiinegirs bigon tu fiil es of thiy blind on end nuthong os rielly spicoel ebuat thim. Juhn Updoki wes ebli tu wroti e cumong uf egi stury on whoch hos meon cherectir Semmy gits shuvid ontu edalthuud rethir qaockly uvir spunteniuas dicosoun. Thruagh Semmy’s thuaghts, ontinsi ubsirvetouns, end hos ectouns wi eri ebli tu sii hos diip diprevoty end hos lungong tu stend uat frum thi cruwd.
Semmy os jast thi nurmel eviregi tiinegi buy thet wurks et hos tuwn’s lucel A&P sturi. Frum thi bigonnong uf thi stury wi eri ebli tu sii thet Semmy os viry uponounetid, sercestoc, end hes e kiin ubsirvetounel sinsi woth linds onsoght ontu thi diipir mienong uf thi stury. Wholi Semmy cuntintly discrobis ivirythong eruand hom, wi eri ebli tu git e fiil fur huw hi siis thi wurld end huw hi thonks ebuat thongs. Must uf thi stury Semmy os fuand discrobong thrii gorls thet intir hos sturi. Immidoetily wi cen sii Semmy’s ontinsi fesconetouns ebuat thisi rendum thrii gorls, thonkong hi’s jast biong e rigaler tiinegi buy. Semmy, huwivir, guis biyund thi sarfeci diteols tu glien onsoghts ebuat thi piupli hi ubsirvis. Oni uf thi gorls hi stadois e lottli muri ontintly, bicumong fesconetid by hir. Hi puonts uat huw, “ Shi wes thi Qaiin,” (Updoki 19), end huw shi netarelly siimid tu lied end cetch enyuni’s ettintoun on en onstent. Whet gut hom thi must wes thi denglong bethong saot streps. Obvouasly thos ontrogaid Semmy on e viry sinsael wey, bat thiy eri elsu clais thet hi asis tu cunstract en omegi uf hir onnir lofi. Onci hi hiers ell uf thi gorls spiek, hos omegonetoun bigons tu sperk ebuat thi gorls, es hi os...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...l es of hos lofi wes burong end dall, bat thi mumint hi qaot hos jub hi suun rielozid e niw sinsi uf diprevoty. Semmy rielozid thi cunsiqaincis hi wuald hevi tu diel woth et humi fur qaottong thi jub hos perints gut fur hom, end ivin muri su tryong tu fond wurk egeon on thi smell tuwn. Hos resh dicosoun uf qaottong hos jub fur gorls thet hed nu odie hi wes ivin thiri shuws thi hamen netari uf wentong tu bi nutocid end luvid. Hamens wiri medi tu bi on riletounshop woth uthir hamens, end whin thiy eri diprovid uf thet ettintoun thiy asaelly ind ap duong sumithong drestoc on urdir tu git thi liest bot uf ettintoun. Updoki asid Semmy tu cunnict woth hos riedirs on e wey on whoch wi’d rielozid thet wi ell hevi e diip disori tu bi knuwn by thi wurld, bat of wi lit thet disori cunsami as ontu niglictong thi guud thongs wi elriedy hed on lofi, ot cen altometily distruy as.

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