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What makes a year special? What makes a year memorable? It’s the things that people remembered in the year. 1919 in American was a year where people were settling down. The World War One just ended, the World Series was rigged, there was an influenza epidemic, there was a president trying to make peace with other countries, and people wore brightly colored clothing.
The America in 1919, Had a president who was really focused on peace for the United States. The President was Woodrow Wilson. Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president. After the war was declared over Wilson went to Paris get peace for the country. In Paris he helped create The League of Nations. Here he also helped Shape the treaty of Versailles. For his effort to form The League of Nations, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1919 (Gordon). Clearly Wilson’s ideas for peace were respected by the world.
While Wilson was known for the League of Nations and the treaty of Versailles, he was also known for his Fourteen Points. These were 14 primary ideas set by Wilson to end World War 1, and set ideas for world peace. These principals were first introduced to congress, then to the League of Nations. Out of these fourteen principals only 6 were used. Point seven “evacuation of German troops from Belgium” (“President Wilson’s Fourteen Points”). Point eight that said, free all French territory and these places must be restored, along with France being freed In the matter of Alsace-Lorraine. The next point that was put into effect was that people of Austria-Hungary should be allowed the freest opportunity. They also put point eleven into use. This point said, “Rumania, Serbia, and Montenegro should be evacuated; occupied territories restored; Serbia accorded free and secure ...

... middle of paper ...’s bloomers cost $o.90(Derks 134), a men’s suit was $33.00(Derks 142). Finding a house in a good neighborhood was very important to some people just as it is today. A house in a good neighborhood would cost around $4,200(Derks 142). A mattress was a necessity, back then it would cost around $20.00(Derks 137). Magazines were a good way for people to get news or find new things. To buy just one copy of the magazine it would cost $0.15. A year’s subscription for a magazine would cost $1.50(Derks 142). Cereal brands were simple, a regular box would cost $0.12. A large box of Cereal would cost $0.30(Derks 137). A phonograph Record cost $1.50(Derks 137). Even though alcohol was illegal to have a gallon of whiskey would cost $3.50(Craven). Milk cost $0.32 for a gallon. The cost of basic goods was a lot less then what it would be today. So their cost of living was less.

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