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8th grade graduation speech

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My fellow classmen, as we look back on our years here at school we should remember the meaningful words of a fellow class member of mine when she said, "Dude, where's my iPod?" It's hard for me to think of a better way to describe the many layers of adolescence, because deep down aren?t we all "dudes?" Do we not all have our inner "iPods", and are we not constantly searching for them? Now, we're leaving our childhood behind to study the vast sphere we call planet Earth, into the notorious world of high school, where things will be so much different. Of course we will still have our varied studies, Geometry, Biology, maybe even Forensics or an Accelerated English class here and there. We will still struggle with the daily setbacks formed by peers and strict teachers and principals. But so much of our lives will change. The cars in the parking lot will be driven by, well, students. Our male friends will grow a little fuzzy around the face, and of course, our day will most likely begin with a bell that actually works.
As we face our freshman year with excitement and maybe even fear, l...

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