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One of the top rated advertisements online is of high speed GSM cellular technology. This advert apart from being developed like other video ones has incorporated animation in it (Chomski, Alder, and Warshavsky In deconstructing it first the target audience needs to be identified. Most high speed GSM cell users range between the ages of 20-40 years. This group consists of college students that enjoy the thrill of speed in their device as well as young professionals who want to own sophisticated gadgets. The research on what this identified target market listens to or their social habits is of critical importance. This bracket possible have internet access with social sites like face book, YouTube as well as being able to watch television set for considerable hours. The objective of the commercial needs to be put down so as to be able to rate its success at the end.
After the preliminary work the form of media platform to use for the advertisement has to be selected. Television media would need short adverts that mostly have certain timelines. They cannot be aired over a long period of time hence have to be catchy enough to pass the message in the short duration. Advertisements that will be based over the internet usually have no issues with timelines and can be hosted over long duration of time. Radio advertisements do not need to be video recorded hence they only consist of written scripts. Once the media has been selected, it is time to develop a budget. In our case this advert consists of video recording as well as computer animation this probably means it will have a large budget. It will be set over the internet hence one without timelines (Sullivan 55).
This step now involves script writing. Having decided on...

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...Right from its inception all the stages of its development are critical and require absolute knowledge in the market behavior. The company’s SWOT knowledge is of equal importance in order to know how to develop a believable advert either as an emerging company, a trustworthy one or an established player. Our advert example has been rated the best having gotten its development stage requirements right as well as creatively mixing it with animation. The ultimate goal for any commercial is for it to be seen in the television, heard over the radio or seen through you tube or any online websites.

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