Taking a Look at the Taiga Biome Essay

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Introduction/General information
The Taiga is a biome that originates from Northern Russia that means or describes a cool large land with many conifers. Upper North America, Northern Europe and Northern Asia all are mostly Taiga. It is the largest biome and contains mostly conifers but does not have that many animals. The climate is mostly very cold and snowy in the winter and warm in the summer while fall and spring are just transition seasons.

Plants in the Taiga are important because the majority of the land is dense conifers. In the Taiga there are acres sometimes miles of the exact species of plant. Plants adapt to the climate so not all plants can thrive or survive so there is not a huge variety of plants. Spruce, fir and hemlock are the most abundant trees in the Taiga and some deciduous trees include poplar, birch and aspen. Evergreens have special adaptations in their shape that help support them when it snows. Tamaracks are one of a few trees other than evergreens that do lose their leaves and lives in the Taiga.

The climate in the Taiga make finding food and life in general difficult so in the winter animals migrate, hibernate or just cope with the harsh climate. Most of the main birds are non threatened like the bohemian waxwing, pine grosbeak, red throated loon and the hawk owl. The bohemian waxwing eats mostly fruit, and make thick nests in tall conifers unlike the hawk owl which nests in hollow tree stumps or abandoned nests and eats small mammals which it hunts in the day. The pine grosbeak nests in mostly conifers with diet of seeds and the red throated loon has a diet of fish because it spends most of its time on the water. Mammals include the ermine; a weasel like animal in which it...

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