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Fracking in the natural gas community is a vital part of the recovery of natural gas. Fracking is a controversial subject right now; some environmentalists believe that fracking is detrimental for the environment, although some people believe that fracking is a necessity for the future of fuel. In other words, until the human race finds a better and more renewable fuel, such as wind, solar, geothermal, or nuclear. Fracking for natural gas could offset the United States oil consumption by one third, but all these fuels are a small percent of the energy being produced now. The fact is that fracking for a future can provide a seamless transition to a more renewable fuel. In addition to, community development in the rich, natural gas states produces plenty of needed and well paying jobs in the area, keeping our utility bills low with the locally produced natural gas. As a person that has worked in the natural gas field. Fracking companies have no ill intentions to harm the environment. The employees frequently live in the area they work in, and they want to protect their family and environment.
There is also concern over the chemicals that are used in the fracking procedures. The chemicals are carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic; however, many of these chemicals can be found in household cleaning products. Opponents of Fracking for the natural gas claim that drinking water is contaminated by all the chemicals in the water and methane which escapes into the air and water. Natural gas wells naturally seep through the surface of the ground water. Natural gas is fifty percent cleaner to burn than coal or oil. Natural gas can help with getting the United States on a path to energy independence. There are people who believe natural gas frac...

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... its risks and can be done safely. The opposition to natural gas fracking often gets confused with emotions and studies that have not taken into count that there is emotion in the studies. Most studies are taken after the drilling rigs have left. If the people conducting the study find something wrong with the water or the area around where the rig was the companies get the blame weather the company is at fault or not. Fracking is in the limelight in many states, the question is whether or not to drill and what regulations do we need to make sure that it is done safely, with all the regulations out there. There should be enough proven wells and rules to make the state regulations happy. “Risk perception is ultimately subjective: facts are all too easily combined with emotional responses. With hydraulic fracturing, as in many cases, fear levels exceed the evidence.”

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