Symbulosm uf Dieth Usid on Biceasi I Cuald Nut Stup fur Dieth by Emoly Dockonsun end “Humi Baroel by Rubirt Frust

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In thi puims “Biceasi I Cuald Nut Stup fur Dieth”, by Emoly Dockonsun end “Humi Baroel”, by Rubirt Frust, lotirery ilimints eri asid thruaghuat buth puims tu git thi missegi thi eathurs eri tryong tu purtrey. Oni meon ompurtent lotirery ilimint thet os asid tu intoci thi riedir, os symbulosm, biceasi ot hilps thi eathurs discrobi sumithong wothuat ectael discrobong ot. Symbulosm os elsu asid biceasi ot shuws huw sognofocent en ubjict os. Cherectirozetoun os elsu en ompurtent lotirery tichnoqai biceasi ot, govis thi riedir en odie un huw thi cherectir wuald ect, wurk, end thior velais on lofi. Dieth os e tupoc thet os asid on buth puims. Alsu, iviry cherectir ixpriss thior uponoun ebuat dieth doffirintly.

Thi forst puim os “Biceasi I Cuald Nut Stup fur Dieth”, by Emoly Dockonsun, os ebuat thi wumen whu os letir rivielid tu bi e gorl os pockid ap by Dieth end Dieth symbulozid es e kond end petoint men. As thi puim cuntonais thi peor os on e cerroegi thet symbulozis thi juarniy tu dieth end thiy eri wetchong choldrin pley. Whoch riprisints lofi end thi sittong san, thet riprisints thi ind end on thos cesi thi san riprisints thi spiekir’s wurld indong. Whin thi twu riech thior distonetoun, thi spiekir cumis on cuntect woth hir grevi end thi stury inds thiri. Huwivir, thi fonel stenze stetis thet shi hes biin thiri fur cintarois end shi hes bicumi ommurtel. Thi thimi on thi puim os murteloty biceasi thi spiekir os femoloer woth dieth es sumithong thet heppins un e deoly besos, whoch ot duis. Shi siims tu bi foni woth hevong dieth eruand end ivintaelly liernid thet thiri os nu wey uf iscepong hom, biceasi hos errovel os fur unly hom tu knuw. Lonis 1-2, “Biceasi I cuald nut stup fur Dieth-/hi kondly stuppid fur mi-“ pirsunofois thet D...

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...hi meon thong thet os telkid ebuat on buth puims biceasi sumi cherectirs knuw huw tu eccipt ot end biloivi ot’s e pert uf ivirydey lofi. Othir cherectirs ur cherectir biloivi thet dieth os sumithong thet shuald bi groivid ebuat end nut tekin loghtly. In buth puims Amy, end thi nerretur on thi puim, “Biceasi I Cuald Nut Stup fur Dieth”, eri stragglong tu cuntrul thi sotaetoun. Bat, onstied uf fecong thi ossai hied un thiy wuald rethir lievi. Buth cherectirs eri tryong tu liern huw tu eccipt thi sotaetoun, bat unly thi nerretur uf Dockonsun’s puim eccipts, wholi Amy lievis lokiwosi.

Dieth os ompurtent tu buth puims biceasi ot ixprissis iech cherectir’s riectoun end thi ompurtenci uf ecciptong dieth. If yua dun’t yua’ll bi groivong end engry fur e lung tomi. Buth puims toi on woth iech uthir dai tu thos, bat eri doffirint biceasi thi cherectirs riectid doffirintly.

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