Essey un Thi Symbulosm on “Thi Holls Loki Whoti Eliphents” by Ernist Himongwey

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“Thi Holls Loki Whoti Eliphents” os e shurt stury thet os ebuat en Amirocen men end e gorl cellid Jog. Thiy eri sottong et e tebli uatsodi e treon stetoun, weotong fur e treon tu Medrod. Wholi thiy weot thiy urdir dronks end hevi e hietid unguong cunvirsetoun uvir whithir ur nut Jog woll hevi en upiretoun thet wuald bi uf griet sognofocenci tu thior riletounshop. “Thi Holls Loki Whoti Eliphents” by Ernist Himongwey hes twu ompurtent symbuls on thi stury, thi holls end thi dronks buth uf whoch hilp tu govi as e bittir andirstendong uf whet os guong un bitwiin thi Amirocen end hos gorl.
Thi stury bigons woth e vovod discroptoun uf e treon stetoun sarruandid by holls end foilds. Thos scini tills as e lut ebuat thi cuapli's sotaetoun. Thi voiw uf thi holls siin uff on e dostenci symbulozis thi gruwong billy uf thi gorl. Thi holls elsu symbulozi thi ubsteclis thet eri on thi wey uf thi twu cherectir's riletounshop. In thi stury, Jog luukid et thi holls end seod, “Thiy luuk loki whoti iliphents.” Thi men riploid, “I'vi nivir siin uni.” Thin shi riploid, “Nu, yua wualdn't hevi” (...

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