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William Holbrook Beard was born in Painesville, Ohio on April 13, 1824 and began his early art career as a traveling portrait painter. He traveled throughout Europe to Germany, Switzerland and Italy with other well known artists and learned all aspects of his craft. After a brief time in Buffalo, New York, he relocated to hone his talents and become a respected portrait painter. He exhibited extensively in the major US cites of Chicago, San Francisco, Montreal, Cincinnati, and Boston on a regular basis, but he was most successful with his exhibited works at The National Design Academy in New York, where his most loyal customers demanded his most prized works of art and where he was a member. “In 1866, he traveled West by train, and in Colorado his companion was Bayard Taylor, a writer and lecturer. He wrote to his wife, the daughter of New York portraitist Thomas le Clear that he thought the landscape was monotonous, was disappointed he didn't see more buffalo, and was unhappy with wild life and hardship living. As a result, he turned more and more to his imagination, retaining an interest in wildlife but not in studying their habits and environment first hand. Many of his paintings showed animals, especially bears, as realistic physically but atypical in their behavior.”("William Holbrook Beard (1823-1900 ) ") These early experiences in life and travels had a profound effect on the life and choice of future subject matter being studied and painted. He felt that for some odd reason that the animals didn’t talk back as humans do, so placing them in situations where they can translate human drama and personal experiences in art became his most masterful talent during his life time.
“Beard became an immensely popular animal pai...

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...e animals by some schools of thought and that all animals have some human qualities and characteristics as well.

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