Sugar Baby Simulation

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This is my journal of the daily life of a single teenage mother. My experience with my sugar baby was so much fun, but I soon learned that it wouldn't be easy caring for a baby all day long every day. Day one began my journey, when I introduced Lauren Ashley to my friends and family. I fixed her curly brown hair up in a bow, and I put on her a newborn diaper. There were so many styles of diapers to choose from in the store; it was mind-boggling. She had the cutest little ears I had ever seen. It was very heavy carrying Lauren Ashley everywhere all over school, including my books! The only time I needed a babysitter was when I had football games, pep-rallies, cheer practice, and class, so basically all day. I saw right then that daycare would be a necessity. I hired my parents, my grandmother, and my friends to baby sit. Whenever me and the other cheerleaders went to practice, we created a daycare in Mrs. Dennis' classroom. If Lauren Ashley were a real baby, I would pay around $90.00 a week just for her to go to daycare, and that doesn't include any extra food or diapers I would need to send. I also couldn't imagine having to wake up every two hours all night long to feed, change diapers, and rock Lauren Ashley back to sleep. But, I know I would really love my baby, so I would take care of her the proper way.
One day when I really have kids, and they are girls, I am going to name them Julia- Love and Lauren Ashley. If I have a boy, I am going to name him Colton Bradley. Hopefully, whomever I marry will think the same. I have decided I only want a few children, about 3, but I definitely do not want to be a pregnant mom in school, taking care of a child when I am only a kid myself. I know I would have to focus on my schoolwork instead of taking care of a baby. I gave Lauren Ashley a certain time to play and then it was naptime for sugar baby. She needed her rest for the next day because we would have to go to school, then daycare all over again.

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I had to feed Lauren Ashley 5 times a day. She had Similac with Iron formula for breakfast, Dutch Apple oatmeal for mid-morning snack, chicken and rice stage one baby food with bananas for lunch, another bottle right before nap time, and stage one meat with vegetable with fruit delight for dinner. Lauren Ashley might take another bottle in the middle of the night, so I would have to prepare one before bed and keep it in the refrigerator.
Day two of my journey in motherhood began with a well-baby checkup and her first shots. There is a lot to keep up with when you have a baby. She has to have her checkup and immunizations on time. Lauren Ashley had a little colic, so we are putting simethicone drops in her formula for gas. She loves to be bounced and rocked in the recliner; I think it makes her tummy feel better. Lauren Ashley loves to just sit there and stare at you. When I smiled at her and tickled her she would smile back, then I knew she was happy. There is nothing better than to see your own child smile at you. I had to take Lauren Ashley to Toys-R-Us today and everyone was staring at me. I think they were commenting on how young I was with a baby. Being a teenage mom, you have to get used to people talking about you and making comments. Buying all that formula was so expensive; I bought it by the case and it was around $50.00. Plus, I had to buy a stroller to push her around in. I bought the kind that converts to a car seat, so I wouldn't have to keep switching her from seat to seat. That night, Lauren Ashley slept by my bed in her bassinet so she would feel safe and I could get to her easily if I heard her wake up.
On the morning of day three, I woke up at 4:00 am and fed her a bottle and changed her diaper. Today is next to the last day before I have to give Lauren Ashley up. She is like my own, but I know I couldn't handle a baby right now while I'm in school. I haven't even been able to spend the night with any of my friends because I had to take care of Lauren Ashley. For now I am going to focus on my studies and making good grades, so I can get into college and then hopefully be able to take care of a baby when I am older. But while I still had her, I decided to take Lauren Ashley to Visionland so we could spend some quality time together. She could only ride the baby water rides and float down lazy river with me, and we had to make sure she had on her water wings or she was in a float with me by her side. She really enjoyed the baby slide while she was in my lap. She had on the cutest pink and white polka dotted bathing suit, and we made sure we had plenty of swimmies diapers.
On day four, our last day together, I read The Ugly Duckling to Lauren Ashley because she loves that story. I have already read it to her 20 times. As long as it makes her happy and keeps her from crying, I will read it as many times as it takes. We had to run to Walmart today, so I could pick out a few baby toys for her. I made sure they were really soft and that some of them were black and white and red because babies love those vibrant contrasting colors. She also got a stuffed monkey that hangs around your neck. I bought her an Elmo dvd and The Wiggles dvd because she loves to hear them sing. I am really going to miss her.
I think doing this project was a great learning experience. It not only taught me not to get pregnant in school, but also it taught me what it takes to raise a baby and how much they depend on you. To be a parent you have to have certain personal resources like being able to feel or show affection, patience, self-control, consistency, alertness, and energy. It also takes a mature knowledge and good skills like communication, conflict resolution, decision-making, problem solving and management to be a good mother.

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