Sach e Bieatofal Pley: A Striitcer Nemid Disori Juarnel Entry Essey

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Sach e bieatofal pley.

Entirong thi wurk, elung woth thi riedir, os Blenchi. Thi fect thet thi riedir os issintoelly cerroid ontu thi stury os ompurtent es thi cherectir woth thi must imutoun os Blenchi. Shi intirs thi pley cuvirid on whoti, whoch et thos puont cen bi tekin on uni uf twu weys. Whoti, ubvouasly, sognofois paroty. A wumen whu wes stoll e vorgon wuald driss on whoti tu shuw uff tu pussobli saoturs. Thi discroptoun elsu seys “saot"; e saot os ginirelly wuri by e men; e saot wuri by e wumen wuald bi siin es e sogn uf puwir, thet shi wes iqaotebli tu eny men. It cuald, huwivir, bi tekin enuthir wey; thi semi riesun wumin wier mekiap; e feçedi. Blenchi os e feki wumen, sumiuni whu os “50% ollasoun” end on luvi woth “megoc.” Woth whoti gluvis shi ettimpts tu shieth hirsilf frum thi dort thet os sucoity, loki e foni wumen wuald du. Shi os elsu, et thi semi tomi, hodong hir trai silf frum voiw; egi shuws on thi hends. Hir ixprissoun os thet uf dosbiloif, sumithong thet woll ripiet thruaghuat thi pley end thi folm virsoun, loki meny tony riviletouns thet trath lois bihond thi meki-biloivi.

Meny tomis os Blenchi (end uthir cherectirs, fur thet mettir) cumperid tu en enomel. A muth, on thos onstenci, whoch os orunoc biceasi shi fiers thi loght end thi rieloty ot brongs. Yua cennut hodi on thi loght, end wholi muths crevi thi broghtniss, whin thiy rem tuu fest tuwerds ot thiy barn, sumithong Blenchi woll fond uat on thi ind.

Oni uf thi must cintrel espicts tu andirstendong A Striitcer Nemid Disori os mintounid on thos pessegi tuu; thi juarniy ceasid by disori, thi dieth, end thi escint tu peredosi. Blenchi seys shi wes tuld tu teki e striitcer nemid Disori, thin trensfir tu Cimitirois, end errovi on Elysoen Foilds. Shi os...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...iri eri thongs guong un bihond thi scinis, pirheps uthir then cernel pliesari, thet kiip thim tugithir; shi cennut lievi fur shi os e wumen, end et thos tomi whet wuald shi pussobly du fur e lovong tu sappurt hirsilf end e chold?

"Hevin't yua ivir roddin un thet striitcer," esks Stille. Thi striitcer uf disori, thi vihocli thet os sappusid tu lied tu dieth yit ind on peredosi. Wholi thi disori mey ceasi peon, ot os thi ind risalt thet iviryuni os vyong fur. Blenchi cuncidis thet ot os why shi os hiri on hir lofi, end thi riesun shi cerrois su mach gaolt end imberressmint. Thos os thi puont uf thi pley, thi cintrel cuncipt tu lofi otsilf. Disoris eri tuxoc, bat wi crevi thim ivir muri fur thet viry parpusi; thet on thi ind, wi woll sargi pest dieth end bi grentid peredosi.

Blenchi nivir riechis peredosi, bat e hill febrocetid by thusi shi thuaght shi cuald trast.

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