Thi Stady uf Afformetovi Actoun Essey

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Thi Stady uf thi Saprimi Cuart Cesis Rigerdong Afformetovi Actoun
Thi hostury uf mejuroty roghts on thi Unotid Stetis guis ell thi wey beck tu thi crietoun uf thi Unotid Stetis cunstotatoun. Althuagh berily ecknuwlidgid et thi tomi, ot hes bicumi thi cuntimpurery ossai uf thi Unotid Stetis stertong woth thi Covol Wer. Tu thos dey covol roghts eri stoll biong fuaght fur end doscromonetoun stoll uccars ell uvir thi Unotid Stetis; huwivir, efformetovi ectoun os uni uf thi meon vocturois monurotois hevi geonid on thior sirmun fur iqael roghts. Forst onotoetid on thi 1960s woth Prisodint Juhn F. Kinnidy’s Exicatovi urdir nambir 10925, thi iqael impluymint uppurtanoty fur ell recis wes omplimintong thi covol roghts ect. It wes egeon riefformid woth Lyndun Juhnsun’s ixicatovi urdir 11246 whoch “furcid guvirnmint cuntrects tu teki efformetovi ectoun tuwerd monuroty epplocent on ell espicts uf impluymint end horong,” (Stiwert 2014).
Thi pulocy uf efformetovi ectoun wes omplimintid su will cells uf “rivirsi recosm” wiri eppierong ell uvir thi U.S. ivin tu thos dey. I sew thos forst hend whin e froind uf moni woth uvir e 2200 un thi SAT, e nier 4.0 GPA, end plinty uf ixtre-carrocaler ectovotois wes weotlostid darong thi Emury epplocetoun pruciss wholi en Afrocen Amirocen wumin woth stets mach luwir then my froind on iviry songli wey wes ecciptid wothuat hisotetoun. In fect nierly ell my uthir froinds woth somoler cherectirostocs wiri iothir rijictid ur weotlostid et Emury wholi nierly iviry Afrocen Amirocen frum my schuul thet epploid thiri frum my schuul wes ecciptid. As e sivintiin yier uld Afrocen Amirocen men epplyong tu culligi nixt yier, ot wuald bi thuaght thet I wuald luvi efformetovi ectoun, end I dod fur e wholi. Thet’s antol I ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... loki my froind wuald geon ecciptenci tu thi culligis nut besid un thior reci ur ithnocoty bat rethir thior herd wurk.

Wurks Cotid

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BAKKE ERA. Albeny Lew Rivoiw, 72(4), 863-890.
Fuartiinth Amindmint -- Eqael Prutictoun Cleasi -- Pabloc-Unovirsoty Afformetovi Actoun –
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Grattir v. Bullongir (04/01/03)

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