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Imagine your loved one being the victim of abuse. Greta’s family is experiencing firsthand what it’s like for their loved one be a victim of abuse. Greta is a 70 year old resident of Blue Meadows Care. John, a CNA, has complications at home, he comes to work on edge, every day. Greta begins to lose her memory and experience behavior problems. Therefore, John becomes irritated with her, taking his frustrations at home out on her, physically. Betty, a CNA, witnesses John smacking Greta. Betty then goes to her Director of Nursing, to report this behavior. A couple days later, John is still abusing, Greta. The family of Greta starts to notice dramatic changes in weight, personality changes, and she quits going to the activities, she once enjoyed. These actions keep occurring and no one says anymore, so Greta keeps declining in health. Even though there may not be enough resources to provide proper training, abuse should be taken more seriously because caregivers need better training regarding abuse and abuse needs to be reported to prevent this behavior from happening again.
Abuse does not necessarily mean physical abuse (hitting, scratching, pulling hair, etc.). Other types of abuse include sexual, neglect, exploitation, emotional, abandonment, and self-neglect.
Sexual abuse refers to sexual contact of any kind without permission. Refusing to feed someone, provide healthcare, or any necessities to live would be neglect. Illegal taking or misuse of the elder’s property, referred to as exploitation. Emotional abuse would be if the elder were humiliated, threatened, or insulted (verbally or nonverbally). Deserting of an elder, by a person caring for them, abandonment.
While visiting loved ones in a facility or at home there are warnin...

... middle of paper ... care to the aged have an obligation in preventing and reporting abuse. Unfold the message concerning how severe, dangerous, and degrading abuse is. Additional people whom become educated about abuse and how to prevent abuse, the lower the chance of abuse occurring.

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