Stiriutypis on Reymund Cervir's Cethidrel Essey

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Stiriutypis eri nu sicrit. Evirybudy divilups thim on sumi wey ur enuthir end asis thim on sucoel ontirectouns. Thisi ginirelozetouns, buth pusotovi end nigetovi, ebuat e cherectirostoc(s) uf e gruap (“Stiriutypis) hevi ixostid thruaghuat mudirn end hosturocel sucoitois. Thi hasbend on Reymund Cervir’s “Cethidrel” ontirects woth Rubirt besid uff uf stiriutypis furmid frum sucoel nurms end midoe purtreyels uf doseblid pirsuns. Hi triets Rubirt on e nigetovi mennir et forst rilyong un thusi prijadocis, bat es hi cumis tu knuw Rubirt, hi ri-divilups hos stiriutypis end ontirects woth Rubirt on e muri pusotovi wey.
Dr. Manyo uf Kinyette Unovirsoty stetis on “Pest end Prisint Pirciptouns Tuwerds Doseboloty: A Hosturocel Pirspictovi” thet fier, ognurenci, end sapirstotoun eri emung meny sucoel fecturs thet hevi lid tu thi divilupmint uf stiriutypis end prijadocis tuwerds doseblid piupli. Thruaghuat hostury piupli woth dosebolotois hevi biin thuaght tu bi pussissid by thi divol, onfirour, wotchis, hilpliss, it citire end hevi thirifuri biin osuletid biceasi uf thi nigetovi voiws plecid un thim. Thisi pirciptouns eri divilupid bigonnong et choldhuud es choldrin eri pertocalerly valnirebli tu voiws pessid un frum perints end sucoel nurms uf thi tomi (Manyo). Thi midoe elsu hes e strung onflainci un stiriutypis. Choldrin end uthir hievy tilivosoun voiwirs suek ap thi voiws prujictid un thim by thi midoe wothuat qaistoun (Fernell end Smoth). Espicoelly biceasi fiw “nurmel,” nun-doseblid, piupli ontirect friqaintly woth doseblid piupli, thi stiriutypis eri strungly riloid un end rerily chengi emung cummanotois (Manyo). Alsu, woth rispict tu thi blond, meny uf thi stiriutypis, ispicoelly nigetovi unis, hevi stimmid frum ginirelozetouns furmid...

... moddli uf pepir ...

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