Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse

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The book tells us about Harry Heller, one different guy, with "Wolf nature" as the treat of Steppenwolf says; this treat was received by Harry from an unknown person.

Everything begins when Harry Haller arrives to a room he'd rented.

Harry leaves the room, gives a walk and discover some ads that he considered interesting, for example the magic theater entrance, with the not for everyone legend.

Back to his room, he crosses a street and sees a guy carrying an advertisement of the same theater and a box that Harry wants to buy; the guy gives him a brochure and leaves. On the brochure's title, it could be read: Steppenwolf treat. Not for everyone. The paper says the Steppenwolf story: once upon a time a Steppenwolf called Harry but named Steppenwolf, he walked in tow feet but in the interior he was a real Steppenwolf.

Accidentally, he arrives to the black eagle restaurant, and after leaving a teachers' house because a photograph he didn't like, Harry sees a girl that seems interesting to him so that, he approaches her and they begin speaking, he tells her about the professor's house success and explains to her that he can not arrive to his house because something terrible is waiting for him in there, the suicide

Armanda talks to Harry about the gratefulness he feels towards her because recovering him form the death. According to Armanda, Harry is going to accomplish each of the orders that she gives him, and she finishes saying she is going to make he to fall in love with her in order, later, he to kill her.

Days later, they see Pablo, one Armandas friend; Pablo offered them a littlie box with a white dust that was cocaine, he said that it is going to make them feel much better; Harry accepts it, and of course he feels better.

One day, when Harry enters to his room, he founds Maria naked on his bed, and he inferred it is an Armanda's present, so that, he lives a relation with Maria who has never experimented the erotism and love. One day before the mask dance, Maria tells Harry about the fair she fells in lost him, because surely, on the next day, he is going to be Armanda's.

Harry goes to the dance and looks for his friends without finding them, and when he is just leaving, he receives a paper almost illegible that says: tonight, since 4, magic theater –just for crazy people-.

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The entrance costs the reason. Not for everyone. Armanda is in Hell. Immediately Harry runs into the room named HELL, while he is running into there, he danced with Maria. And when he finally arrives HELL, he just finds a guy with a frac; it was Armanda on a man's Disguise. They begin passing through the rooms dancing with the same women. When the room is almost empty, Harry sees a beautiful woman on a black suite, Harry feels to dance with her Longley, so they dance that way. Harry discovers this attractive woman he is dancing with, is Armanda. The dance end, and Pablo gives them an invitation to a very special party, in which Harry and Armanda with pleasure accept: -the cost is the reason- he light.
Pablo gives them to drink and to smoke long yellow cigars, he tells talks to them about the honor that having them in his theater implies and he offers to Harry one mirror in which he could appreciate an Steppenwolf in there. Since this moment, he feels a voyage through different situations; he kills people, gets into the nothing between others. Harry arrives to a circular corridor where lots of advertisements can be read at the entrance of each room as: you'll be death for laughing and others. The Steppenwolf sees his life through each theater room. He continues his tour and he discovers one sign that is bothering him and makes him remember the Armanda' Promise. It says: how to kill because of love. Harry watch himself in a mirrior where he is lots of times, venid him he can see two laid
people: Pablo and Armanda, without thinking, he approaches to Armanda and buries a dagger in her chest.

Pablo says to Harry how disappointed he is about the way he plaid
the game; he takes Armanda's body, which is now a figure and he keeps it in his wallet,

The history of this character that Hesse proposes to us is interesting but undoubtedly strange since the book occurs in a magic world, almost like parallel to the world in which we live, where everything is possible and where each one manages to reach its own dreams though also its nightmares. For this I've already said, it seems to me to be very exaggerate or excessive. However, it is a criticize to the society, I think, and an analysis about the loneliness, suicide and about doing things that you could be penitent about. In addition, Harry's existence is a way to analyze the world in which he lives.

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